Phoenix & Seabook go live on Dieppe – Newhaven

Monday 29 January was an important day for the Dieppe – Newhaven route, as the booking system WebRes was replaced by Phoenix and Seabook. All resources were utilised in preparing the final items to ensure a smooth first departure at 18:00 from Dieppe.

Freight check-in opened at 10:00 without any unforeseen issues and the first number of scheduled departures in Seabook were reviewed a long with all of the associated bookings to ensure a smooth check-in process for our passengers leaving nothing to chance. The check-in for Seabook commenced around 15:30

“I am really proud of everyone involved with this implementation. Apart from a few obstacles, everything went really well. Issues included boarding card printers at car check-in, which simply related to a hole in the desk being too small to feed boarding cards. The foot-passenger check-in exposed a bug, for which Seabook developers promptly provided a workaround. We can only thank ourselves and the marvellous collaboration across offices, ships and terminals,” says Peter Hoogendoorn, Senior Project Manager in BU Group Passenger.

“In spite of a very good start, it soon transpired that there are issues with back-office processes from a Seabook point of view. This is receiving the utmost attention by the business and Seabook finance team,” Peter adds.

“We see good morale from all our colleagues on board and on land, the business and onsite support. All teams are working well together and they’re showing a very positive team spirit. A big thank you to all colleagues for their tremendous efforts and team spirit in making this happen. You should all be very proud of this impressive achievement,” says Jean-Claude Charlo, Managing Director in BU France & Med.






February 6, 2018