Massive amount of steel handled in Brevik

On 19 May, M/V Gerda delivered more than 1,000 tonnes of construction steel at the North Sea Terminal in Brevik, Norway. The huge amount of steel was unloaded onto mafi trailers and transported to the storage facility at the terminal, from where it will gradually be sold and delivered to ongoing construction and building projects.

Thorbjørn Aasig Lund, North Sea Terminal Director, says: “This delivery is part of a new contract to handle and store up to 12,000 tonnes spread over potentially 12 calls on a yearly basis

“These volumes previously went via the terminal in Larvik, so it is very good news that we are able to attract extra calls and cargo in these uncertain times. I am also proud that North Sea Terminal is performing and providing services at a high level.”

“We will continue our strong collaboration with local and international businesses and make sure that the goods are handled and delivered to the customers in an efficient and safe manner.”

Kasper Damgaard, VP and Head of BU Forest & Metal and Client Engagement, says: “We are pleased to see how collaboration and dedication in our organisation has generated additional business within our steel activities, continuously supporting our Win23 strategy for selected industries.”

Morgan Olausson, VP and Head of BU North Sea North, says: “This contract is part of BUNSN’s strategy for the coming years, to strengthen and expand our operations in the terminals to handle various types of goods arriving in bulk vessels such as building materials, steel, sand etc. The terminal in Brevik is a brilliant example of a terminal that works very flexibly regardless of the type of goods.”

May 22, 2020