Jutlandia Seaways transports the two millionth BMW

Two million BMWs. It sounds like the start of any car enthusiast’s dream, and perhaps DFDS and Cuxport were dreaming about precisely this when they started to work with BMW Group to handle the shipping of their cars 15 years ago.

However, it is now more than just a dream as our ferry, Jutlandia Seaways, took part in a huge milestone event when she transported the two millionth BMW from Cuxhaven to Immingham for Cuxport on 27 August.

Ortolf Barth, Route Director for Cuxhaven – Immingham, says: “We are very proud that BMW is one of our satisfied customers. Our agreement with BMW Group is keeping us very busy as we transport cars to Immingham five to six times a week. I want to thank our colleagues from the agencies in Immingham and Cuxhaven for doing an excellent job planning as well as the crew on board and stevedores for always making sure that the loading and unloading operation is short and efficient. You all contribute to a strong, on-going relationship with Cuxport”.

An ceremony marked the occasion, where guests included the Mayor of Cuxhaven, Dr Ulrich Getsch, and Enak Ferlemann, Parliamentary Secretary of State at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. Representatives from United European Car Carriers (UECC) and DFDS, as well as the DB Cargo Logistics railway services provider and Hödlmayr International, were also present at the celebration.

September 5, 2019