Ireland-France route ready

The three ships have arrived in Dunkerque for berth tests and supplies. First departure will be from Rosslare on 2 January.

DFDS’ new route between Ireland and France is getting ready for its first departure. In just a few days, on 2 January at 14:00 (Ire time), a fully booked Optima Seaways will set sail towards Dunkerque – only to be followed by an equally fully booked Kerry departing at 23:00 ex Rosslare on the same day, whilst Visby will depart from Dunkerque towards Rosslare at 23:00 CET.  Its all happening on Saturday.

Kerry arrived in Dunkerque on 27 December and both Visby and Optima Seaways on 28  December for berth tests and the obligatory EU-inspection, that is to ensure that the ships comply with EU regulation before they are allowed to start operating.

Optima Seaways and Kerry are currently en-route to Rosslare in preparation and standby.

In addition to this, the ships were busy taking on stores, with catering supplies for a DFDS branded service and other supplies needed.

Route Director Aidan Coffey has invited Irish TV and newsmagazines for Optima’s departure on Saturday and French and European TV and media for the arrival in Dunkerque on Sunday 3 January.

Due to Covid restrictions, in both Ireland and France, the launch will be a press only event.

Aidan is supported by the busy teams at Rosslare, Dunkerque and the Cork booking office in preparation for a successful launch.

The pictures show the ships after arrival in Dunkerque for inspection and provisions, some sent by Torben Carlsen CEO, who received the pictures of Visby from French photographer  Julien Carpentier, and some were sent to us by Aidan Coffey with the assistance of colleagues in Dunkerque. In the background you can also see DFDS’ Dover-Dunkerque vessels in the port that has developed Dunkerque, into a true DFDS hub.

December 29, 2020

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  1. Anneke Vrieling
    Anneke Vrieling says:

    Shame on you for releasing balloons into the environment. They are a huge threat to both marine and terrestrial wildlife. And for what? You could have marked the occasion of opening the new route in many different ways, without doing damage to wildlife.

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