From Lithuania to Shetland in just six days

“With great inter-company cooperation, logistics succeeded in making the delivery in only six days,” says Lars Thorsen, head of our logistics company in Lithuania.

DFDS in Vilnius took on the task of delivering a load of trawler equipment for a trawler in Lerwick.

The load was collected on 18 December for delivery in Shetland before Christmas Day. “In cooperation with Jelena Kotova from DFDS in Liepaja, we managed to load and ship it via Klaipeda – Kiel and shunt the same day to Esbjerg to catch a departure from Esbjerg to Immingham in the evening. In spite of the small time window, we completed the task with superb assistance from Richard Backhouse and Nick Davis in Immingham. There, a double-manned truck was sent to DFDS’ Shetland depot in Aberdeen for reloading onto a trailer bound for Shetland. With help from our colleague Andy Stewart in Shetland, the load was safely delivered in Lerwick on 23 December as planned,” says Lars Thorsen, head of DFDS logistics in Lithuania.

“With great inter-company cooperation, we succeeded in making the delivery in only six days – which just about any organisation would find extremely difficult to match. A special thank you to everyone involved in the transport from DFDS’ branch office in Vilnius,” he adds.



January 3, 2018