Enhanced management focus in Channel and Passenger

New Head of BU Channel will be Filip Hermann, who will take over from Kasper Moos when he moves back to Denmark to lead the new BU Group Passenger, including the Copenhagen – Oslo, Frederikshavn – Oslo and Amsterdam – Newcastle routes.

DFDS has decided to revert to the previous structure and split BU Short Routes & Passenger into BU Group Passenger under continued management of Kasper Moos and BU Channel under the management of Filip Hermann. This will ensure stronger management proximity of those two major businesses. The split will take place in October when Kasper moves back to Denmark with his family

By Peder Gellert, EVP and Head of Ferry Division

In the Ferry Division, we have decided to split BU Short Routes & Passenger into two separate units: BU Group Passenger and BU Channel. This will be effective as of 1 October when Kasper Moos returns to Denmark after four years in the UK as Head of BU Channel and later of BU Short Routes & Passenger.

Following the suspension of our two cruise routes, the restart requires undivided managerial attention and the same applies to our three routes on the Channel, that in addition to restarting the tourist business also must deal with the impacts of Brexit.

When Kasper leaves Dover during September, he will be replaced by Filip Hermann, VP and Head of Strategy & Consulting. Filip will move to the UK with his wife Clara and young son Maximilian and work from BU Channel’s office in Whitfield.

Filip studied law at the University of Copenhagen and worked as an attorney-at-law. He also holds an MBA from the University of San Diego. He came to DFDS in October 2017 as new Head of Strategy & Consulting from a management position with Boston Consulting Group. At BCG Filip worked with some of the biggest companies and public sector authorities in Europe and the Middle East, in particular within the shipping industry. This has prepared him well for his tasks at DFDS where he has made Strategy & Consulting a key player in the group’s work with our Win23 strategy, new challenges such as Brexit and a great number of efficiency projects as well as becoming a vital partner for the Executive Management Team. With this solid background, Filip will become a valuable addition to the Ferry Management Team.

I am confident that we have succeeded in finding the very best to take over from Kasper who has been a remarkable and efficient leader of BU Channel and a great representative of DFDS in the UK. He has dealt with colleagues, ports, competitors, authorities and governmental institutions in a very professional way.

I am looking very much forward to continuing working with Kasper restarting our Amsterdam – Newcastle and Copenhagen – Oslo routes, launching our new Frederikshavn – Oslo route and bringing  the BU Group Passenger (known among its friends as BUGP) on the final stretch towards its goal of being an efficient organisation for passenger activities throughout the network.

June 19, 2020