DK-UK sailings continue

New travel restrictions due to mutated coronavirus will not affect sailings on DFDS routes.

DFDS sailings on Esbjerg-Immingham and  Copenhagen-Frederikshavn-Oslo won’t be affected by the recent lockdown of Northern Jutland and tightened UK travel restrictions, which were decided after the Danish government informed about cases with a mutated coronavirus spreading from  mink to humans.

“The new restrictions apply to people only, and our cargo on the Esbjerg-Immingham route consists of unaccompanied trailers that can continue being transported as usual;” says Emma Leam-Saville, Agency Director, Immingham.

“The only exception will be that we can no longer accept the 12 drivers on the Esbjerg-Immingham route which we have been able to ship before. The driver accompanied units we have, will need to be changed to unaccompanied cargo.”

“No driver who has been in Denmark during the last 14 days will be allowed to enter the UK on any of our routes,” Emma says.

The Oslo-Frederikshavn- Copenhagen route will continue as usual with one ship.

We will inform about how this will affect crew changes as soon as possible.

November 9, 2020