DFDS to change its freight shipping arrangement in Norway from 2019

DFDS has decided to expand and improve its route between Norway, Zeebrugge and Immingham. Currently, the route is served by the side port/container vessel Lysbris Seaways, which mainly carries paper from Norske Skog, and containers with various types of cargo.

The improved route will be served by a larger ro-ro vessel, Finlandia Seaways. This means that, in addition to containers and paper, DFDS will be able to offer sea transport for ro-ro cargo such as trailers, self-drives, machinery and a wider variety of project cargo between the hubs.

DFDS will add Brevik to the port rotation, in addition to the current ports of Fredrikstad and Halden. This means that DFDS will be able to offer quick transport solutions from the continent and the UK to both the east and west shores of Oslofjord. With late-week departures from Zeebrugge and Immingham, and early-week arrivals in Norway, DFDS will offer the market a unique solution for all kinds of goods along the transport corridors.

This service will replace the current ro-ro connection between Ghent and Brevik from the middle of February 2019. This will improve the current schedule from Brevik, with both an import and export call. The reduced transit time southbound will open the way for the export of fresh fish from Norway to the Continent.

Customer service and sales contacts will remain unchanged.

The schedule for Finlandia Seaways will be as follows:


September 20, 2018