DFDS office in Rosslare ready

Port Opps Manager in Rosslare is Dwain Rodgers.

As we reported last week, DFDS will commence sailings on a new freight ferry route between Rosslare in the Republic of Ireland and Dunkerque in Northern France on 2 January.

The news about the route created a lot of interests among customers who saw an opportunity to avoid the customs procedures that will be necessary for transport via the UK landbridge. Also, upon arrival in Dunkerque or Rosslare, the drivers will be fully rested and can continue driving immediately and be able to reach many major destinations within their legal driving limit,” says Aidan Coffey, Route Director. 

“Things are progressing as planned, and I’m very pleased to share those pictures of our new Irish Port Office and Freight Check-in booth at Rosslare Europort. In the pictures you can also see Donna Lynch, our new assisting Port Operations Manager and Dwain Rodgers, our new Port operations Manager, who we know from his six years as a first officer on the Dover Dunkerque D Class’ ships.  

“Within the next days, we will also be able to present the ships for the route.” 

Donna Lynch, new Port Assisting Manager in DFDS new office in Rosslare.

The check-in both is also ready to go and welcome customers for the first voyage on 2 January.   

December 15, 2020