DFDS awarded Brexit contract by UK Government

Maria Anagnostou, Fleet Management, will be responsible for handling DFDS’ contract about additional ferry capacity in the North Sea with UK Department for Transport

Just before Christmas, the UK Department for Transport announced that it had signed a contract with DFDS to provide additional ferry capacity to prepare for “the possibility of severe congestion at and around UK ports from 29.3.2019, caused by increased border checks by European Union Member States”.

As a no-deal Brexit scenario could ‘cause disruption at the Dover-Calais crossing to the supply of vital goods,’ the Department of Transport has awarded DFDS a contract of €47 million. The plan includes two further companies and a total contract value for all three companies of GBP 103 million.

DFDS has agreed to provide additional capacity on Immingham – Cuxhaven, Immingham – Rotterdam, and Felixstowe – Rotterdam.

“As this is a matter for the UK Department for Transport to announce, we were unable to say anything on this before they had done so, and we also need to leave it to them to provide further details,” says Henrik Tidblad, Commercial Fleet Director. Together with a team of internal and external resources he negotiated the contract.

The contract and DFDS’ work to secure the additional capacity – primarily through moving around ships in our network and performing extra round trips – is being taken care of by Maria Anagnostou of Fleet & Chartering who will be responsible for ensuring that DFDS lives up to our service obligations towards the customer.

January 4, 2019