Cuxhaven starts using LOT trestles

Petunia Seaways and a row pre-tresled trailers.

Petunia Seaways operating on Cuxhaven – Immingham is hoping to experience faster turnarounds because of one significant change – new trestles.

When uncoupled trailers are loaded onto our vessels, they need trestles to support the front of the trailer to minimise the risk of collapse. Earlier this year, Cuxhaven received the more efficient and safer LOT trestles to replace the conventional ones.

A DFDS trailer with a trestle connected. The truck is free to move and place the trailer without needing to disconnect the trestle.

Less lashing, no need to manually position the trestles and the possibility to pre-trestle trailers are expected to reduce the time required to load or unload the vessel. In addition, it also saves space on board as it requires less lashing equipment and conventional trestles on decks. Furthermore, they improve safety as they are stronger and locked to the trailer.

Reefers and trailers supported by the new trestles

Successful and smooth implementation
Karsten Ihlemann, Terminal Manager in Cuxhaven, says: “We managed to successfully implement the LOT system. Thank you to the Equipment Centre, our colleagues from the terminal in Immingham and our partner Rhenus Cuxport, as well as the crew of Petunia Seaways for a job well done.”

Ortolf Barth, Route Director, says: “We are happy with this change. However, we are also looking forward to the change to the SAT system. This enables the trestle to fully connect with the vessels, if the conditions here in Cuxhaven allow it.”

Nick Forsyth, Head of Equipment, Fleet Management, says: “Even with the restriction of coronavirus, this changeover ran smoothly. The Equipment Centre team, whilst working remotely, had great collaboration with the Cuxhaven Route Office, both terminals in Immingham and Cuxhaven, the Petunia Seaways crew and our third party workshops in the UK and Sweden. Additionally, thanks should be given for the support from the Vlaardingen team who welcomed the extra challenge of their revised trestle allotments to assist neighbouring routes and make this change possible.”

June 19, 2020