Cuxhaven – Immingham closes transport gap between China and UK

China’s mega project, the New Silk Road, aims to intensify trade between Asia and Europe through improved infrastructure such as rail. This offers new opportunities for our route between Cuxhaven and the UK.

Goods from China arrive in Hamburg by rail, and DFDS organises and carries out the road transport from Hamburg and the sea transport from Cuxhaven to Immingham on Jutlandia Seaways and Stena Foreteller – the two ships currently operating on the route.

The link offers 5-6 weekly departures, with a transit time from Hamburg to Immingham of 20-22 hours. The goods mainly come from the Zhengzhou region in central China, and to some extent also from the UK bound for China.
“The connection and the fact that there is only one point of contact for the entire journey from Hamburg to delivery in England has been very well received by customers,” says Marcus Braue, Branch Manager, Cuxhaven.

The China-Europe rail connection was inaugurated in 2008, and in 2018 the German railways estimate it transports 90,000 containers annually. That is about 100 times the volumes carried in 2011. “We expect that volumes will continue to grow and we are confident that we can grow volumes through our short transit time and high frequency,” says Marcus.

Marcus Braue, Branch Manager, Cuxhaven

November 23, 2018