All ships sound their horns for seafarers

On 1 May, a symphony of ship horns sounding will recognise the contributions and sacrifices of seafarers during the pandemic. All DFDS ships are expected to contribute, even the cruise ships currently laid up


DFDS ships join the International Chamber of Shipping’s initiative to sound the horns on 1 May to recognize the contributions and sacrifices of our seafarers during the pandemic.

At 12:00 local times, all 55 DFDS ships will sound their horns to celebrate and recognize the contributions and sacrifices made by seafarers during the Covid-19 crisis.

“This beautiful token of appreciation was initiated by the International Chamber of Shipping and promoted by the national shipowners associations. At DFDS, we are depending on the commitment and support of our seafarers no less than other shipping companies, and we are really grateful for the work they have done throughout the Covid-19 crisis to keep our ships sailing and support our customers,” says Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel, EVP and Chief People Officer.

Thomas Mørk, VP and Head of DFDS’ Technical Organisation, says: “We have informed our 55 ships about this and hope they will all support it by sounding their horns at 12:00 local time – wherever they are at this time. This also goes for our laid-up ships that will then naturally be in port on 1 May.”

“We hope some of the crew members will record the event on a video and send it to Group Communications so we can all enjoy it afterwards,” says Anne-Christine.

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April 28, 2020