Valuable meetings in Gothenburg on digital developments

DFDS’ sales and customer services are increasingly going digital and if we and our customers are to obtain the full benefit of this, we need to base our digital initiatives on our customers’ challenges and pains as well as our own requirements. Therefore, Sean Potter, the Shipping Division’s Digital & IT Officer, arranged meetings and workshops with freight managers and colleagues over two days in the Gothenburg terminal and Industrial Sales. The aim was to review requirements, pain points and future expectations. “We need this to develop digital awareness and understanding of the opportunities which digital solutions can provide,” says Sean.

The meeting in the Shipping Division was followed by another between DFDS Logistics and Seaways Industrial to exchange views on our current systems such as our terminal system GTMS, Canea and our maintenance and procurement system Sertica.

Integrated supply chain
“We also discussed new capabilities and digital transparency, which is key to sharing best practices. We agreed to link into the existing exchanges of information between Swedish colleagues and to look at third-party warehouse options for an integrated supply chain across DFDS’ network that can enable us to offer comprehensive digital services linking into our core systems. Several systems are under initial investigation to meet our diverse criteria, and we are initially starting with Logistics’ cross-dock facility in Gothenburg as the benchmark,” says Sean.

“I am very pleased that we are now taking this combined system approach, which will ensure we find a good solution for both Shipping and Logistics. This will also make it easier to offer customers more integrated solutions based on know-how and capabilities from the divisions,” says Jens Antonsen, Digital & IT Officer for the Logistics Division.

Willingness to collaborate
“Sean invited me to facilitate the workshops where we experienced great willingness to collaborate on areas that might traditionally be siloed. The enthusiasm from all involved and the intention to drive towards a philosophy of One DFDS across the whole workflow will inspire our plans for the architecture so common issues will see solutions coming out of future system developments,” says Matt Ellis, IT & Digital Architect.

Participants were from Seaways’ industrial team, local logistics management teams along with the managing director from Gothenburg roro Björn Wånge among others.

DFDS Seaways AB and DFDS Logistics team debating warehousing and customer expectations for integrated supply chain requirements.

June 18, 2018