UNIFIED – From colleagues to website

Our colleagues from Digital are in the process of merging every DFDS website into one unified site -DFDS.com. It is a comprehensive task that involves cooperation with many business units across DFDS and the team have already helped create sites for freight shipping and logistics.

The Digital team and the Newcastle Marketing team have worked together hard on a site for the Passenger business unit. To ensure the launch of the first passenger site section (Global EN) went as smoothly as possible, the Digital team travelled to Newcastle to meet all the stakeholders and colleagues they have been working with during the creation of the site section.

Pete Akerman, Passenger Marketing Director, says: “It was a pleasure to welcome the Digital team to Newcastle and fantastic to see the talented teams working so well together to deliver a successful launch of the first passenger content into the unified dfds.com. It was also exciting to discuss future developments to improve customer experience through the booking flow.”

Roberta Skugaraite, Digital Project Manager, says: “Working with the Marketing team in person during the launch made testing and problem-solving a lot easier and the enthusiasm for a lean, agile, and efficient delivery resulted in a launch that we all can be proud of.

“Everyone’s undivided attention and collaboration is something we want to continue with when preparing to launch other projects and there are many upcoming incremental launches, but with such a strong start we are confident that the rest will be a success.”

From left: Deborah Akun, Swoz East, Charlotte Barlow, Kate Thompson


From left: Dagny Lydsdottir and Aleksandr Dubinskiy

December 14, 2018