Study shows year-on-year improvement in DFDS digital customer experience

The vision for DFDS is to offer the best-in-industry digital customer experiences. So Digital commissions an annual competitive benchmark study from Lumivo, a digital research agency, to see how we measure up against the competition in passenger, freight shipping and logistics.


The voice of real customers

The report is based on the responses from real customers in shipping, logistics and passenger. The participants were asked to visit (serving shipping and logistics customers) and the UK passenger website respectively to perform tasks, report on and rate their experiences.


The websites were evaluated on parameters such as ease of navigation, ability to complete tasks, design and available functionality. Last year DFDS came in second and third on many parameters. This year saw an improvement, ranking number one in both shipping and logistics and in the top for the UK passenger website. However, on several parameters the lead was not statistically significant, meaning DFDS was only marginally better than its peers.


Get all the insights from the full report in Henrik Killander’s blog post here (only available on The Bridge)


November 24, 2017