Organisational ​changes in Digital and Group Transformation

As part of our on-going digital transformation, we have been striving for some time to coordinate our traditional and digital marketing efforts. The aim is to bring us into a multi-channel future, which means that we meet our customers in a consistent and meaningful way on every platform where we interact with them. In BU Group Passenger, this is a key focus for Pete Akerman’s marketing team. For Shipping and Logistics, however, there is currently no equivalent business function, and here we rely more on traditional forms of marketing, such as printed material and events.

We have also been working hard in recent years to build brand value and to make all our marketing efforts more brand driven. We started with the unified DFDS brand strategy and more recently we defined our purpose. Now it’s time to take the next step towards a leaner and more integrated brand, marketing and digital capability for our Shipping and Logistics customers, while we continue our strategic brand support for Passenger and non-commercial target groups.

From June, the existing Group Brand Innovation (GBI) team will no longer report to Valdemar Warburg in Group Transformation. GBI will merge with the existing digital team into a new organisation called Digital and Marketing, reporting to Sophie-Kim Chapman. This will put digital customer experience at the heart of our brand, enable multi-channel marketing activities, and simplify the interfaces for business stakeholders. Additionally, to help us get closer to our goals, we will hire a new Head of Marketing, who will also continue Rikke Gransøe Lange’s great efforts in developing our brand.

In the coming weeks, Sophie-Kim will work with members of the team to define an interim organisation and to ensure that currently provided services are maintained, while we hire our new Head of Marketing.


Best regards,

Torben Carlsen, CFO

May 25, 2018