My DFDS Freight teams create synergies in Immingham

Even though the B2B Digital team and the Phoenix team in Immingham are based far from each other on either side of the North Sea, the two teams have been working closely together for quite a while. Earlier this year, they finally met in face to face when the B2B Digital team visited Immingham for four days.

The B2B Digital team mainly develops and maintains our two freight booking systems, My DFDS Logistics and My DFDS Freight. Together with the Phoenix team in Immingham, which is responsible for the core IT system of the freight business, the B2B Digital team makes sure that My DFDS Freight performs in the most optimal manner. The Phoenix team manages the back end (databases and servers), while B2B Digital manages the front end (user interface and user experience).

Throughout the four days, the teams established a long-term working plan for the back end and front end, and they also identified challenges of cross-country collaboration and action points to improve future work.

Getting customers on board for digitization

During the visit one of the main focuses to discuss and expand upon was the three objectives laid down by Sean Potter, Divisional Head of Digital & Systems.

“We plan to finalise the transfer of all remaining customers still using the Phoenix Customer Web & InfoBridge to My DFDS Freight by the end of October and early November, whilst implementing additional feature requests that have come additionally from business over the past months.

Furthermore, we seek to reduce the manual bookings on all routes. We plan to achieve this by targeting all small and medium-sized customers across each route and get them to use the online booking solution. Currently 79% of our bookings are digital (incl EDI), and our objective is to reach 85%. The remaining 15% consist of small and medium-sized customers who email etc,” says Sean.

“Finally, we plan to optimise the access management, specifically by improving brand preference and engagement with a consistent way of identifying the connected users,” Sean adds.

“Meeting our colleagues in Immingham and comparing expectations for the future of My DFDS Freight was excellent. We had four informative, interesting and busy days in Immingham with a tour of the terminal and the customer service centre as well as kick-off meetings with the Phoenix team. I am confident that the visit will open up for an even better cross-border collaboration and impact positively on the customer experience on the My DFDS Freight system. Our aim is to visit our colleagues in UK with a higher frequency, so we can follow up on action points and strengthen our collaboration going forward” says Laus Ravnsted, Scrum Master.

October 8, 2018