Astrid Illum appointed Head of Product & Digital Analytics

Astrid Illum

As of February 2020, Astrid Illum will take a new role in the Digital department. Previously responsible for digital analytics, Astrid will now extend her role to take responsibility for the digital product portfolio and roadmap. As Head of Product & Digital Analytics, Astrid will be the DIO for Digital & Marketing, and will manage the team of product owners who drive the development of our digital customer experience on, related booking applications and the DFDS mobile app.

“The work we do with our digital customer experience needs to be data-driven, so it is excellent that we have someone like Astrid, with a deep expertise in analytics, to take responsibility for the product portfolio,” says Sophie-Kim Chapman, Vice President, Digital & Marketing. “As one of the current Horizon talents, Astrid has always had a broad, strategic grasp of our Digital objectives, and now has also had the opportunity to extend her knowledge of DFDS’s business, and to work on commercial and strategic case studies. I am delighted that she is stepping up into this key role in the department, and looking forward to seeing her make a significant impact on our product portfolio and way of working.”

Astrid’s appointment coincides with a new structure for the Product Owners working in Digital, which has been designed to make it easier for the team to collaborate cross-functionally. The new structure goes hand-in-hand with changes introduced in the Logistics Digital and IT area.

Astrid emphasises the strengthened focus on data, saying, “I am humbled by the opportunity and look very much forward to help achieving our strategic objectives in this new role, working with our skilled and ambitious Product Owners. Asking the right questions at the right time can drastically improve our efficiency and the satisfaction with our solutions both internally and from our customers – and that is exactly what a data-driven way of working is about.”

The level 1 Digital & Marketing organisation chart is now as follows:



January 17, 2020