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DFDS investerer for fremtiden med nye Volvo FH lastbiler

DFDS upgrades its vehicle fleet with 57 new Volvo FH trucks. With improved fuel-efficiency and driver safety, the new trucks will help us optimize logistics flows and reduce the environmental footprint of road transport.  Volvo FH matches DFDS’ top priorities Our long-standing relationship with Volvo Trucks continues with the investment of 57 new Volvo FH trucks. Fuel efficiency, driver safety, and reduced emissions […]

Nybygning til Baltikum snart klar til søforsøg

A lot is happening at Guangzhou Shipyard International in China where our new combined freight and passenger ferry for the Baltic Sea is being built. On Friday 19 March, another milestone was reached as the inclining test was successfully carried out. Steen Haurum, Site Manager, says: “An inclining test’s purpose is to establish the vessel’s […]

Spørgsmål og svar med Steve Newbery om Côte d'Opale

Côte d'Opale er vores kommende kombinerede passager- og godsfærge, der er bestemt til kanalen. Det er i øjeblikket under opførelse hos AVIC WEIHAI SHIPYARD CO LTD i Kina. Da lanceringen blev tættere på, troede vi, at vi ville indhente vores Onboard Commercial Director, Steve Newbery, for at finde ud af mere om dette skib [...]

Volumenrekord på Klaipeda-ruter

On 9 March, a total of 7555 lane meters of cargo went out of Klaipeda to Kiel and Karlshamn altogether. It is an absolute record on Baltic routes despite the pandemic related restrictions. We have strong demand, which we are able to accommodate thanks to sweeper vessels – Ark Futura and Finlandia Seaways, operating on both […]

Nyt lager i Wijchen

Som du ved, bød vi Huisman Group velkommen i DFDS i december 2019. Siden da er vores erfaring, organisation og kompetencer inden for delbelastning vokset betydeligt. Nu er det tid til at udvide faciliteterne. For at sikre, at vi kan følge med i efterspørgslen og opbygge en endnu stærkere forretning, står et helt nyt lager på 12.000 kvm i Wijchen, Holland, klar i november 2021. Ud over det eksisterende lager i Wijchen vil det nye moderne lager fordoble [...]

Rosslare - Dunkirk færgerute udvider kapaciteten

Foto af Jens Vinderslev. Den 1. april introducerer DFDS en fjerde fragtfærge til den succesrige direkte færgeservice mellem Rosslare Europort i Irland og Grand Port of Dunkerque i Nordfrankrig. Den nye fragtfærge er DFDS '"Ark Dania" med en kapacitet på 188 lastbilenheder (inklusive 12 chaufførselskabsenheder og 176 uledsagede enheder / trailere). Direkte service foretrækkes af både godstransportvirksomheder og industri, da det undgår forsinkelser, grænsekontrol og kompliceret papirarbejde, der kommer [...]

CFO-rute suspenderet til 5. april

Further to the latest update from DK government on travel restrictions, our service between Copenhagen – Frederikshavn – Oslo will now be suspended up to and including 5 April 2021. Our next possible sailing will be from 6 April 2021. Kasper Moos, Head of BU Group Passenger, says: “As the travel restrictions continues, we will extend the the lay-up […]

Årsrapport offentliggjort

If you want an all round update on DFDS, there is no better source of information available than the full Annual Report 2020 that was just published. The CSR report is focused on our many great initiatives regarding climate, diversity & inclusion, safety and other important topics. This is reviewed in detail in a separate article. The […]

Spise ombord på Côte d'Opale

As Chinese New Year fell on our production yard in Weihai earlier this month, those working on the Côte d’Opale got a well-deserved rest. They’ve earned it as their hard work has meant the ship is almost 90% complete.  As one of the largest ships on the Channel, the Côte d’Opale is well equipped for post-covid travel. It will offer a choice of dining options with plenty of […]

Scandia Seaways 'første arbejdsdag

Scandia Seaways, Hollandia Seaways and Tulipa Seaways all caught in one shot at Vlaardingen. Thank you to Paul Lammers for sharing.  After a successful maiden voyage, Scandia Seaways arrived in Vlaardingen on 8 February. Since then, work has gone into preparing the 6,700 lane metre freight ferry for the day she hits the route. Yesterday, it was finally that day. A busy crew ensured a smooth loading and made her ready for her […]

Brand om bord på Gallipoli Seaways

Update: *Fire suppressed and cooling started* On 11 February, our freight ferry Gallipoli Seaways, sailing from the Pendik Port of Istanbul to the Trieste Port of Italy, was passing from the exit of Dardanelles Strait when a fire broke out in one of the vehicles on the main deck of the ship for reasons currently […]

DFDS hersker gennem Brexit-overgang

The UK has left the EU. It means new processes and more paperwork for DFDS and its freight customers working between the UK and EU. Despite years of preparation, the post-Brexit period caused challenges and delays. Extensive form filling, extra inspections and other needs were impossible to foresee.    A range of factors including confusion over paperwork were responsible.   Easier customs processes This is now becoming manageable. DFDS can offer clearance services that provide a much easier customs process.     Eddie Green is the head of DFDS’s cold chain business unit. “From across England and […]

DFDS direkte Irland - Frankrig færgerute

DFDS har en ny god færgerute mellem Irland og Frankrig. Det giver direkte og papirløs transport mellem EU-lande. Det er allerede populært og nyder næsten 100%-brug fra dag ét. DFDS startede en ny god færgerute Rosslare og Dunkerque den 2. januar 2021. Det giver lastbilchauffører direkte og papirløs transport mellem EU-lande. Det […]

Solrige udsigter i Middelhavet

Positive signs after a tough year for DFDS in Turkey. DFDS’ business in the Mediterranean grew two per cent on the same period last year. This small growth is a positive sign given the global impact of Covid-19 in 2020. DFDS expects to continue this in 2021. Turkey felt the pandemic effects like every other […]

DFDS forbedrer supply chain-løsninger med nyt lager på 35.000 kvm

35,000 sq m of storage space is what DFDS will be offering customers when it adds a brand new warehouse in the new and attractive industrial area in Borås, Sweden.  DFDS has been looking to expand its Swedish contract logistics business, offering warehousing and crewing services, and other logistics solutions. On Friday 22 January, it took a huge step forward […]

Hvad er nyt, Scandia Seaways?

Alongside in Singapore during loading of stores, provision and bunkering on 16 January. Captain Joakim Dahlberg and his crew are currently leading our newest mega freight ferry, Scandia Seaways, home to Europe. With low bandwidth, they can sadly only share a limited amount during the voyage. Luckily, the captain has recently shared a little update and some […]

Stor holdindsats på trods af modgang

By Wayne Bullen, Freight Sales Director. As highlighted by Søren and Peder, it was great to see the strong freight performance in all areas of our business during December, primarily as a result of stockpiling as the Brexit transition period came to an end. In addition to this and looking back on a very turbulent year (with […]

Côte D'Opale vs Calais Seaways

A quick look at how the ferries compare with each other. As we look forward to welcoming the Côte D’Opale this summer, here is a quick look at how she compares to the much-loved Calais Seaways which she will replace on our Dover to Calais route.  Built in 1991 and upgraded in 2013, Calais Seaways is a familiar ship on […]

Côte D'Opale godt i gang

This year we will welcome the Côte D’Opale into the Channel family and with just a few months to go until her maiden voyage, she is coming along nicely. Construction started in May 2019 at the Avic Shipyard in Weihai, China, and there is just 15% of the build left until she is ready! Around 300 people are working on the ship […]

En tung anmodning

Every now and then our colleagues receive requests that just stand out. As was the case when Cargo Sales & Marketing in Kiel took upon them to arrange the transportation of a generator in a weight class from the big league. F.H. Bertling needed a 98 tonnes generator transported from Pilzen in the Czech Republic to Kazakhstan. Such […]

Hjælpekonvoj til jordskælv ramte Kroatien

Zagreb in Croatia was recently struck by an earthquake of 6.3 magnitude. To provide aid, AFAD, Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, prepared 100 living house containers for victims affected by the earthquake.  The homes were transported on 3 and 5 January to reach Zagreb in cooperation with UND (International Transporters Association) and DFDS while Tan Group Logistics undertook the customs clearance of the convoy consisting of 50 trucks from 30 UND member companies.  Fuat Pamukçu, […]

Ruten Danmark-Oslo er yderligere suspenderet

Because of updated travel restrictions announced by the Danish government on 8 January and Norwegian restrictions from early January, Pearl Seaways was laid up and the Oslo – Frederikshavn – Copenhagen route was temporally suspended from 10 January. On 13 January, the travel restrictions were prolonged by the Danish government meaning that the suspension will last until at least the 7 February. Kasper Moos, Head of BU Group Passenger, says: “During […]

Scandia Seaways afgår fra Jinling

Goodbye for now, Jinling Shipyard. After three and a half years, Scandia Seaways, the sixth and final mega freight ferry, could finally set course towards Singapore and afterwards Europe. This marks the conclusion of an extensive project that saw the delivery of Ephesus Seaways, Troy Seaways, Hollandia Seaways, Humbria Seaways, Flandria Seaways and now Scandia Seaways. From left:  Jeppe Halkjær Pedersen, Frane Pilic […]