WeShelter celebrates 125th anniversary on board Crown

WeShelter works to give homeless and socially excluded people better conditions by offering room in shelters and drop-in-centres in Denmark. And for several years, DFDS has supported the organisation by hosting an annual Christmas lunch for the homeless on board Pearl.

This year WeShelter celebrates an astounding 125th anniversary, which we helped them do with a big birthday buffet on board Crown on 28 October. A total of 180 volunteers and users of WeShelter enjoyed delicious food, live music and great company.

“Once again the crew gave our guests a memorable day. We are always happy to be part of a pleasant day with our friends at WeShelter, and now we are very much looking forward to the yearly Christmas lunch for the homeless on 6 December,” says Henrik Holck, EVP of People & Ships.

WeShelter have kindly lent us pictures from their Facebook page. Feel free to visit it here.

November 8, 2018