The importance of a diverse DFDS

Sofie Hebeltoft, Head of CSR, outlines the work being done for diversity in DFDS.


At DFDS, we have put diversity high on the agenda.
We have come a long way in highlighting the gender gap at DFDS and within the industry, and the relatively few women in management positions.

We believe it is of great benefit to keep working on this, but we can also benefit from working with other kinds of diversity, such as age, ethnicity, religion, education, personality and much more.

Colleagues with different perspectives can, for instance, be helpful in problem-solving and decision-making when knowledge and different points of view are shared.

We also face a potential shortage of qualified staff, and so it is crucial to see the potential in everyone. Otherwise, we will exclude ourselves from a big pool of potential colleagues.

Working towards targets

Over the last year we have worked actively with diversity at DFDS, including:

• Workshops across the business
• Core committee focusing on the topic
• Activities for Pride
• Job decoder focusing on gender bias in job postings
• Identifying role models and best practice stories from DFDS locations everywhere

Across DFDS, we have set a target of a 30/70 gender split at the following levels:

• The Board
• Senior management (Executive Management Team and Vice Presidents)
• Managers
• Employees in general

All VPs are in the process of setting targets for their areas of the business for the short, medium and long terms: one, three and five years respectively.

These targets can apply to gender diversity as well as other forms of diversity, so no matter what the specific circumstances are, it is possible to put together an ambitious plan. A summary of the VP’s plans and targets will then be presented to the Executive Management Team, who will assist with shaping the direction of the plans.

Changing the gender split, for example, will not happen overnight. In many cases, it is as much a change of culture as it is a management decision.

However, it is important, which is why we are going to keep working at it and improve as a company to fulfil our purpose – We move for all to grow.

Sofie Hebeltoft, Head of CSR

December 5, 2019