Pearl and Crown Seaways in fierce competition

When you spend as much time with your colleagues as our staff do on board our cruise ferries, a healthy and caring work environment is essential to ensure smooth operations.

The crews work long hours in an often busy and fast-paced setting. This naturally leads to a great sense of community and creates exceptionally strong bonds among the crew during their time at sea.

Throughout recent months, different courses and workshops on board have been going on to encourage an even more supportive and caring environment on board, including various training and development courses, information meetings about employee care, and how to prevent addiction to drugs and alcohol, for example.

In early April, gender diversity workshops will also be facilitated by Training & Development.

Additionally, as part of the DFDS Moves initiative, our colleagues’ competitive spirit was tested in weeks 9 and 11 on the Copenhagen – Oslo route. Pearl Seaways and Crown Seaways faced each other in a heated duel to see which ship could collect the most points in various challenges arranged by Champions of 2morrow, which specialises in supporting companies in health and well-being activities.

Trine S Kristensen, HR Recruitment Specialist, says: “Everyone had a blast, and enjoyed two weeks filled with health checks, friendly competitions and, most importantly, a lot of laughter and happy faces.

“The crews spend many consecutive days at sea, and they can’t simply go home after work. Your colleagues on board often become the ones you talk to after a bad day, so initiatives like these are always very welcome, as they create a good atmosphere and strengthen our relationships with one another.”

March 22, 2019