New mops save drinking water

Reducing our environmental footprint means looking at everything we do. It all counts, even mops for cleaning floors. A new type of mop used by our cleaning services supplier Eurest saves thousands of litres of water every year, is better to work with ergonomically and ensures cleaner surfaces.

The i-mop is a new kind of mop used to clean floors at DFDS House and Harbour House. It uses 18 litres less water than a manual mop requires to do the same job, every day. We have three of them. This might not sound like a lot, but everything counts in the bigger picture. 

“Our use and handling of water, waste, electricity and transport are all areas we are looking into to get our house in order, says CSR Director Sofie Hebeltoft. The i-mop cleans better, is easier to handle and saves water. It is a great example of how every little thing matters when it comes to reducing our footprint. We truly value working with sustainability-thinking partners like our cleaning services supplier Eurest. We want our partners and customers to expect the same from us – that we always strive to improve, do better and emit less. 

Do you have an example of how you’re saving water, electricity, waste or kilometres where you work? Get in touch 

November 30, 2020