DFDS Jubilee Fund supports colleagues in need

In 1916, DFDS celebrated its 50th anniversary by establishing the DFDS Jubilee Fund that financially supports employees of DFDS, former employees or the next of kin of deceased employees.

The support may also be granted to internal associations that support colleagues in need, or other associations with a relevance to DFDS.

Maximum support is DKK 50,000, and everyone in our network with a relationship to DFDS, as outlined above, may apply for support.

Online application
The applications will be considered twice a year by a board consisting of members of the Executive Management team.

As something new, the application form and all relevant information, including criteria for applying, deadlines and more can be found on www.dfds.com under ‘About DFDS’ – or via this link: DFDS Jubilee Fund page

If you have any questions for the DFDS Jubilee Fund or making an application please contact jubileefund@dfds.com.

May 19, 2020