CSR workshop focused on sustainability in practice

In a workshop in late June, Incept Sustainability offered participants a new way of addressing sustainability that is closer to what the individual can do, with tools to find where initiatives are most needed and worthwhile.


In late June, Head of CSR Sofie Hebeltoft and start-up company Incept Sustainability invited DFDS employees to a workshop in Copenhagen about sustainability in practice for companies.

“Many people agree that sustainability is about doing our best for the environment, to use our resources efficiently and handle waste responsibly. It is, however, much more than that, and it makes a lot of sense to think of sustainability in the areas of ‘social‘, ‘economy‘ and ‘environment’, and this was presented in the workshop material,” says Sofie.

Organising sustainability issues into three areas and having 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals make it much easier to identify critical areas and possible initiatives. It is also perfect for discussion.

She adds: “By helping Incept with input and feedback on their teaching, we also gain insight into how a start-up approaches Corporate Social Responsibility. The tools provided in this workshop can point us towards sustainable practices aligned with our strategic direction.”

Christina Mørup, Senior Project Manager in Strategy & Consulting, participated in the workshop. “It was very interesting as it took us through the bigger picture of the global challenges ahead of us whilst also managing to put it into a context we could relate to personally,” she says.

Lina Barsøe, Naval Architect in Technical Organisation, adds: “It was nice that it was so constructive, and to picture how many small actions can add up to significant change, for example in how the ships are operated at DFDS.”

July 30, 2019