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HR Director Nordic and Baltics Karolina Landin and CSR Director Sofie Hebeltoft provide a guide to what to do if the “How we deal with each other part” of the Code of Conduct is violated:

How we engage with each other has a big impact on our work environment and company culture. The DFDS Code of Conduct details what this means. 

HR Director Nordic and Baltics Karolina Landin and CSR Director Sofie Hebeltoft provide a guide to what to do if a breach to the “Our dealings with each other” part of the Code of Conduct does occur:


1. Keep your eyes open 

“At DFDS, we have zero tolerance of any form of physical, verbal or non-verbal discrimination or harassment. We expect everyone to report unfair treatment if they experience it themselves or see it happening to a colleague. Even if you’re not directly involved, you’re obliged to report it. It is our joint responsibility to make sure that our colleagues have a safe and caring work environment,” says CSR Director Sofie Hebeltoft. 


2. Report it immediately 

If youre mistreated or witness a case of mistreatment of others, please report it as soon as possible. Either to your direct manager, your local HR department, to the EMT or anonymously through the DFDS Compliance Line. Regardless of who you choose to go to, we have a solid process in place to handle it. We carefully investigate every single case neutrally and carefully and act immediately. And please remember that it is important to speak up immediately, so that we can quickly take action.” Karolina says.  


3. We always take you seriously 

We always take the situation seriously – unfair treatment is not something we accept in DFDS. All reporting leads to an investigation. A neutral party like HR always gets involved and assesses what’s happened, in order to take the necessary actionWe can’t say beforehand what the investigation will result in, but you can be certain that you will be heard, treated fairly and that we do everything we can to respect the sensitivity of the situation and ensure that the unfortunate incident does not happen again,” Karolina says. 


4. Do not fear repercussions 

As an employer we have a responsibility to secure an inclusive work environmentWhen mistreatment has been reported, we always investigate it discretely, neutrally and with respect for all involved parties. You should feel safe and not fear personal repercussions. Remember, if you don’t report unfair treatmentDFDS cannot do anything to fix the situation, and it is always your right and responsibility to let us know if our Code of Conduct is violated,” Karolina says. 


The “Our dealings with each other section” of our Code of Conduct also states the DFDS approach and how to act in terms of Human Rights, Diversity and Inclusion and GDPR.

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November 23, 2020