New Corporate Communication ensures consistency across the group

Søren Brøndholt Nielsen

DFDS has gathered communication responsibilities in a new Corporate Communication function. It consists of three areas: Investor Relations, Group Communications and Corporate Brand. Group Communications includes Press, Internal Communications, Social Media, and Web content.

Corporate Communications will be led by Søren Brøndholt Nielsen, VP. He will report to Torben Carlsen.

Gert Jakobsen, VP of Group Communications, 65 years this summer, wishes to retire in the not too distant future. He will continue to lead Group Communications until a replacement has been found and is well in place. Gert will report to Søren.

Corporate Brand will be a guardian of the corporate brand platform. A new Brand Committee will be formed to facilitate dialogue, guidance and coordination. The production of brand materials will be decentralised to the business marketing functions. Investor relations will continue to be managed directly by Søren.

“The new Corporate Communications will work closely with all stakeholders, including the new ICE organisation. With the new structure, we get a clear split of roles and responsibilities to avoid overlapping communication functions. This will help us to deliver even more consistent communication from DFDS across the Group,” says Søren.

Søren Brøndholt Nielsen will lead the new Corporate Communication department. Gert Jakobsen wishes to go into retirement, but will continue leading group communication, which is a department in the new corporate communication function, until a replacement is in place.

June 29, 2020

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