Stress preventive training on board Pearl and Crown

In an intensive work environment, stress is unfortunately something that can affect us. Often, it is discovered late in the process, which can cause sick leave and need for professional help. Therefore, HR Manager of Pearl and Crown, Jette Krog, has arranged a preventive stress training for all 95 Commercial Heads, Business Leaders and Floor Managers.

The two-module training is facilitated by industrial psychology consultant, Marie Kingston and is supported by the labour market welfare fund jointly run by DFDS and the Dansk Metal union. The first modules were carried through August, and the second module will be late September and 1 October.

Jette Krog says, “It’s so important that we are attentive towards our colleagues and employees, and with the great tools from the training, we are well equipped to identify stress signals and act before it’s too late. Additionally, leaders and managers now have tools to handle a colleague or employee showing signs of stress and what to do to prevent it from escalading further. It is crucial that we have a work environment that supports an approach where it is acceptable to talk about stress without feeling weak or ashamed and a lot of responsibility rests on the managers and leaders to encourage just that.”


September 3, 2018