Martin Larsson celebrates 50th birthday

Last Friday, Martin Larsson, traffic manager, celebrated his 50th birthday with his family. Today, Monday 13 May, it was his colleagues’ turn to congratulate him and celebrate in the Ferry Division’s office in Gothenburg.

“Martin has been with us for more than 25 years, and I wasn’t surprised to see that captains from three vessels joined the celebration as he is extremely well known and respected for his great work planning operations for the vessels,” says Per Nordvang, operations director and Martin’s manager. “Martin always keeps a cool head, even when things don’t go as planned. With his capabilities, experience and knowledge of our operations, he is an extremely valued member of our team. And in addition to this he has a great personality, so we all look forward to working with Martin for many years to come. We wish him all the best and a very happy birthday.”

Thank you to Per Nordvang for sending the picture through. The editors also congratulate Martin warmly on his birthday and wish him all the best for the future – and look forward to continuing to get stories and news from him about our Gothenburg operation.

May 13, 2019