Eva Nilsson retires after 50 years in Port of Gothenburg

Eva Nilsson will retire after a long and devoted career in the port. She started out as a switch-board operator in the summer of 1969. Just like the song by Bryan Adams, she is still like music to work with!

Eva has been a part of the Port of Gothenburg for more than 50 years and has taken many opportunities to contribute to its success. She has held positions in HR, office administration and technical departments.

In 1990 she became a proud mother and after two kids she returned in 1994. She then met new challenges in purchasing and mobile communications. In 2010 she moved to the part of the port which DFDS now controls through a concession agreement. Since then her responsibilities also included protective clothing and a small on-site boutique, which is now a popular web portal.

Eva is always very thoughtful and one step ahead, solving problems before we even knew they existed! Still with a curious mindset, like she’s fresh out of school, we are sure she will embrace retirement with her warm smile and handle her grandchildren just as well as she has handled us.


On behalf of the staff at Port of Gothenburg: We will miss you – good luck, Eva!

Mats Nilsson, Finance Manager, Gothenburg

March 25, 2020