Equator crossers stand trial before Neptune

According to the tradition anyone who cross the equator has to stand trial before Neptune. Naturally the crew on board Hollandia Seaways could not avoid a visit as the bad-tempered god of the sea boarded the mega freight ferry on her maiden voyage home to Europe.

According to a chilling eyewitness report, a scary incident took place on Hollandia Seaways on her voyage home to Europe from China and Singapore.

When crossing the equator, King Neptune and his two helpers, the policeman and the doctor, suddenly appeared on board and immediately demanded to speak to the captain.

The bad-tempered god of the sea was invited on to the bridge, where he received permission to examine all those seafarers who had not yet been allowed to enter his world. The captain immediately ordered everyone on deck to witness the thorough examination of these poor souls.

On the deck, King Neptune’s doctor examined the seafarers for bad teeth and other maladies, using pliers and a hammer. Eventually, he shaved them with a sabre, and provided various ‘elixirs and delights’ for the poor seafarers to eat and drink.

Then it was time for a dip in the water, followed by an audience with King Neptune, who accepted the seafarers into his world by giving them their new names. The ship’s electrician was, of course, named Electric Eel, while others can now proudly call themselves Walrus, Shrimp or Seafarer.

We believe the pictures speak for themselves

October 24, 2019