DFDS runners ran the royal 10KM in style

Royal Run is a major event in Denmark and held in several parts of the country. The public face of the project is Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, who spent his 51st birthday by first running in Aalborg and later joining the crowds in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.


The goal of Royal Run isn’t really to arrive first at the finish line, but to include as many as possible in the event at their own pace and for their own reasons. Whether that’s for the great community, for family time, to break a personal best or just to get up and get moving.

The 19 DFDS runners didn’t take up much space between the 23,900 other sets of legs setting off from Amalienborg and through the city streets, but their enthusiasm was at the highest level. In total more than 82,000 participated to run 1 mile, 5KM or 10KM.

The times of our runners for the 10KM distance ranged from 42:50 to just over the hour mark, a great job done by all. Viktor Hastrup set the standard high, but Patrick Kasbaek, Mikkel Hansen and Luisa Bæk Lund were right on his heels with equally impressive times.

Our CEO Torben Carlsen made the finish line in 54 minutes and 16 seconds while also enjoying the company of his colleagues and not least his daughter Sarah who was running alongside him.

On a sunny and somewhat windy Monday evening everyone came through with a huge smile on their face and a great experience richer – even a personal best for some.

After the race the runners enjoyed a cool refreshment and shared the mandatory post-race analysis with their shiny royal medals.

Some words of advice from a DFDSMOVES coach; Torben doesn’t seem to need them.

June 14, 2019