A day of joy at DFDS Polska’s 5-year anniversary

It was at full throttle when our colleagues from Poland celebrated DFDS Polska’s 5-year anniversary.
As the video below shows, smiles and happy faces were all around on a day that had all the makings of a perfect 5-year birthday, including gifts (a DFDS polo shirt), a custom made DFDS cake and even a scavenger hunt in the woods with varieties of challenges.

“This milestone is the culmination of five years of hard work, which is why we began with a Town Hall acknowledging our colleagues who have been with us since the very beginning and contributed to making DFDS Polska the success it is today” says Managing Director of DFDS Polska, Radek Mierzejewski.
“It is not very often that we get to enjoy a whole day with each other outside of the work environment, so it was fantastic to see everyone having fun, laughing and celebrating together while enjoying the weather on the outskirts of Poznan.”

The eventful day was concluded with a barbecue and chance to show off some great dance moves to the colleagues. Everyone could have a drink to enjoy and celebrate the end of a great day together.

“Days like these are very important, because they contribute to stronger relations across the whole of DFDS Polska, making us more integrated and a true one team. Finally, I want to thank everyone involved for making the day a success and not least for their hard work over the past five years,” Radek says.

If you want to get a quick look at the celebrations, feel free to watch this video showing footage of our happy colleagues throughout the day.

October 3, 2018