Travelling to Denmark to work?


New rules in place to fight the risk of Covid-19 infection

Danish authorities have updated Covid-19 travel regulations. Three Covid-19 tests and isolation are now required for people travelling to Denmark to work. 

The first test must be done a maximum of 24 hours before the time of entry. Only people who can present a negative test may enter Denmark. Once they have arrived at their place of residence, they must go into isolation for ten days. They can come out of isolation to do their job or transport themselves to/from work. Outside working hours, they must remain in isolation.  

The second test must be done a maximum of 24 hours after entry to Denmark. The third test must be a PCR test performed no earlier than 48 hours and no later than 96 hours after the traveller has entered Denmark. If this PCR test is negative, the person may come out of isolation outside working hours.  

As of January 18a weekly test is required to go into a Danish DFDS office to work. This test qualifies as the third test mentioned above. 

Anyone planning to come to Denmark to work for DFDS must contact HR Admin in Denmark before arrival to secure the planning of tests. 

“The right thing to do”

Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel, Chief People Officer, took part in a global panel debate on The Future CEO – a role that is changing due to more focus on environment, diversity – and Covid-19. See link below.

Every year, global shipping’s eyes rest on Denmark during October when the Danish Maritime Days event gather leaders and top executives from around the world to discuss the state and future of shipping.

And if you have any doubt about the impact of Covid-19 on global shipping, it would have been removed by the conference: no one came to Denmark for this year’s event, it all took place on Microsoft Teams – even the traditional reception ending the programme.

But not everything had changed. As usual, DFDS contributed to the event, this time with our Chief People Officer Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel taking part in a webinar and panel debate about The Future CEO on 28 October. The event was facilitated by Tomas Kristiansen, editor of Shippingwatch. It also featured Mark Charman and Stine Martinussen, CEOs of the global, recruitment companies Faststream and HELM, respectively.

Eternal values and moral compass

According to Anne-Christine, the future CEO must, in addition to eternal virtues like commercial skills, financial skills and hard work, also be curios and open-minded, not just about their own industries, but across. She or he must always be ready to take charge – otherwise you will not demonstrate what is expected of you at an executive level. “However, what stands out even more this year   (…) is that a CEO needs to be explicit on her/his moral compass. In a year with sudden focus on people’s health and safety, the environment, diversity and inclusion – topics that are not easily measured – a CEO needs to be explicit about what the right thing to do is, even if there is no KPI for it. The right thing to do has to come from the CEO’s own moral compass – and the organisation needs that.”

Watch the debate here

Ask me how I’m doing

25% of us will struggle with our mental health at some point. Do one thing this week to find out how a colleague is doing.

Being open about our physical health comes naturally to many of us. If you see a colleague with a broken leg, you ask about it. Yet our mental health can be incredibly difficult to talk about. Not because we don’t care, but because we’re worried about saying the wrong thing, making it worse or not knowing how to deal with the answer.

It’s OK to not be OK

25% of us will struggle with our mental health at some point of our lives. It’s normal and it’s OK to be open about it. “We want to have an environment where colleagues feel that they can reach out and ask for help and be supported through whatever difficult time they may be going through – without fear of being stigmatised or judged,” says Gemma Griffin, long-time mental health advocate and VP HR & Crewing.

Do one thing

“The pandemic is making many of us feel more isolated and insecure. We worry more about our jobs, our families and the future. It’s more important than ever to look out for each other and speak freely about how we are doing. Remember that you are not alone and that there is always someone around who can help, whether it is talking to a co-worker to get something off your chest or something that requires help from your local People Organisation. Please reach out sooner rather than later,” says CSR Director Sofie Hebeltoft.

“Everyone can do something,” Gemma says. “Take a minute to think about what you can do for yourself or a colleague this week. Pose a question, write an email, act on that niggly feeling you have about someone not being OK. One small gesture can make a huge difference.”


World Mental Health Day, supported by the World Health Organisation, is marked on 10 October.

Learn more

D365 HR live in HQ Denmark

Betina Lund and Hanne Hallstrøm from HR Denmark

In mid-May, HR Denmark went live with the new global HR system D365. It was a more digital roll-out and launch than expected due to the current corona circumstances, but it was successful, nevertheless.

Now both Continent and Denmark are live on D365 HR, and around 1,500 workers have been created in the system. Next up is BU Short Routes and Passengers which according to the plan will go live in week 27.

The new global HR system is part of the ERP program that will support both the global HR staff with master data for all land-based personnel (approx. 5,500 workers) as well as support Finance and Procurement. The aim for HR is to have implemented D365 Human Resource in all six HR areas, 20 countries and 60+ legal entities by the end of this year.

Betina Lund, HR Coordinator, says: “In order to ensure that we have the correct employee information on the Bridge as well as in D365, it is crucial that all managers with employees in Denmark inform HR regarding changes such as job titles, manager etc.”

Hanne Hallstrøm, HR Coordinator, adds: “The more correct data we receive, the better output for us all. Together, we can look forward to deliver “one data truth” in DFDS using the D365 system.”


Acknowledging and dealing with mental stress

Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel

As you know, we have in DFDS taken numerous covid-19 measures, to keep our people safe and to get DFDS through these challenging times in the best possible way. Almost 2.800 of our colleagues are partly/fully on governmental aid packages, and even more of our colleagues work from home, primarily behind a desk and a screen and with only digital interfaces to the outside world. Our lives have been impacted in a way that few would have imagined before the crisis.

In general, humans are not cut out for a life in isolation. We seek the company and proximity of other people, and we need our family, friends and – not least – colleagues around us, to feel safe and to feel that we matter and make a positive difference for other people.

Be mindful of your mental health

In a situation like this, you need to be extra aware of possible stress symptoms. If you feel depressed or anxious are more tired than usual, can’t sleep at night, have little energy or experience severe mood swings, don’t ignore it – but acknowledge it and react on it.

Don’t hesitate to seek help

Secondly, if you do have the above symptoms, don’t hesitate to reach out for help – through friends, relatives or your doctor. You may also reach out to your local HR, to see what local options exist to get help. We have, in the People Leadership Team, regular covid-19 calls where mental health has been discussed, and across our DFDS locations, we have measures – either through own or external providers – that you can make use of.

Let us help each other safely through this coronavirus crisis.

D365 Human Resource is live in Continent

Susanne Hamelink, HR Director, Continent

HR Continent went live with the new global HR system, D365 Human Resource, last Friday. They are the first location to go live, and the launch follows seven weeks of hard work.

Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel, Chief People Officer, says: “The HR staff in Continent have done an incredible job working with the roll-out of DFDS’ new global HR system, D365 Human Resource. A huge thank you to the Continent staff for being very dedicated, energetic and determined in their work throughout the entire implementation period. They all have reasons to be proud of being first movers on this exciting digital journey.”

Continent will be followed by the remaining five HR areas – starting with Denmark / HQ in week 20 – and by the end of this year, HR will have implemented the basic functionalities of D365 Human Resource in all six HR areas, 20 countries and 60+ legal entities.

The new global HR system is part of the ERP program that will support both the global HR staff with master data for all land-based personnel (approx. 5,500 workers) as well as support Finance and Procurement.

The dashboard of the new D365 Human Resource

Part 2 of 3 – Interview with CPO Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel

As you may know, DFDS launched the Annual Report 2019 and the CSR Report 2019 on 24 February. The reports took lots of efforts to create, and fortunately they have been very well received externally.

In three interviews, CFO Karina Deacon, CPO Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel and Head of CSR Sofie Hebeltoft will share their thoughts about the reports, and they will explain what you can expect to find in the reports and why they might be interesting for you to read.

In this second interview, Anne-Christine will tell about the CSR Report 2019 and especially the People side of it.


All DFDS reports can be found here



Part 3 of 3 – Interview with Head of CSR Sofie Hebeltoft

As you may know, DFDS launched the Annual Report 2019 and the CSR Report 2019 on 24 February. The reports took lots of efforts to create, and fortunately they have been very well received externally.

In three interviews, CFO Karina Deacon, CPO Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel and Head of CSR Sofie Hebeltoft will share their thoughts about the reports, and they will explain what you can expect to find in the reports and why they might be interesting for you to read.

In this third interview, Sofie will tell about the CSR Report 2019 and especially the part about our environmental footprint.


All DFDS reports can be found here



Are you part of the greatest team at DFDS? Show us and let’s learn from you!

Once again, we are looking for the team of the year at DFDS.

With the team of the year award, we wish to promote exceptional team spirit, and reward teamwork that really makes a difference.

Criteria for nominees
To participate, you must be a group of full and/or part-time employees. Groups are defined as a team within one or more departments that have worked together to achieve a goal. This could also be a project team.

Examples of effective teamwork include delivering exceptional customer service, cost savings, time savings, creative ideas, new ways of thinking and actively demonstrating by example a willingness to encourage teamwork at DFDS. And of course, the team must live and breathe THE DFDS WAY.

How to participate
To participate, you need to prepare a short video demonstrating your achievement as a team. There are no strict guidelines for the video other than it must be a maximum of 1.5 minutes and in English. Be aware that the video quality is not important, we expect it to be home-made, so you can film it using your phone, it is the content and your team’ story that count.

Deadline: Send your video nomination by wetransfer to the Team of the year award mailbox: no later than 17 April.

The selection process
All video nominations will be uploaded to The Bridge where everyone is able to see them end of April. Like last year, three teams will go through to the final round at the Management Conference. To give both small and large teams a fair chance to be selected as one of the finalists, Louise Understrup and Michael Sandberg from HR and Gert Jakobsen and Mette Juul Svendsen from Communications will assess the teams based on the criteria for nominees mentioned above and select the three teams most adequate.

The final winning group of team players will be chosen at the Management Conference which takes place 8-10 June, where the around 200 participants will vote for their favourite team.

The award
The team of the year wins 5,000 EUR to be spend on a team event.

We are looking very much forward to receiving all your nominations. Don’t be shy!

If you have any questions, please send an email to:

More anniversary shares have been transferred

We have now transferred anniversary shares to 600 employees in addition to the 3,000 employees who received their shares in February.

The 600 employees who have recently received their shares are located in Belgium, France, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK, Ukraine, Russia, Denmark, Hungary and Germany.

Those employees who are currently liaising with HR about uploading the correct documents and information are asked to respond to enquiries as soon as possible.

We ask that those employees who have yet to upload the required documents to the NewBanking platform contact their local HR department as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
Jakob Hjorth-Hartmann
Legal Counsel HR

Anniversary shares have been transferred

We have now transferred anniversary shares to more than 3,000 DFDS employees in cooperation with Danske Bank. We expect to transfer anniversary shares to even more employees later in February 2020.

Those employees who are currently liaising with HR about uploading the correct documents and information are asked to respond to enquiries as soon as possible.

We ask that those employees who have yet to upload the required documents to the NewBanking platform contact their local HR department as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
Jakob Hjorth-Hartmann
Legal Counsel HR

Anniversary shares to be transferred during February 2020

We are now almost ready to transfer the anniversary shares to all employees who are entitled to shares and who have uploaded the necessary documents and information to the NewBanking platform.

Some of the uploaded information needs to be corrected, and we are or will be in dialogue with all colleagues who need to provide additional information.

Therefore, some employees will have the shares transferred a bit later in February 2020 compared to other employees.

If you have not yet uploaded the necessary documents, we urge you to do this as soon as possible. Should you have any questions, please contact you local HR.

No news is good news
If you have not received any feedback on the documents submitted to the NewBanking platform, you may expect that the documents have been pre-approved; however, they are being double-checked by Danske Bank so there is a possibility that we later on will need additional information.

We will revert with more information during February 2020.

Jens Jakob Hjorth-Hartmann

Legal Counsel HR

Bearing – See how you and your colleagues rated DFDS

Dear all,
We have now distributed the Bearing reports to the relevant managers, and the follow-up process is about to start.

First of all, I am very pleased to see the exceptionally high response rate, which in itself documents a very high level of employee engagement.

Overall, your voices tell us that DFDS is a very good place to work, and that most of you want to stay here. However, in some areas we also see a need to improve things.

I hope you will find the time to watch this video, and contribute to making DFDS an even better place to work by participating actively in the follow-up process.

The video presents the results and findings of the Bearing employee survey for DFDS as a whole. Divisional and local reports have been sent to the relevant managers, who will soon present the local results to their teams.

A big thank you to all of you for responding to the survey, and especially to Project Manager Louise Understrup for managing the implementation of the survey.

Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel
Chief People Officer

Getting ready to work with the Bearing results

Chief People Officer Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel 

During the past two weeks, managers across DFDS have been receiving a Bearing report containing the results of the engagement feedback from their team.

Chief People Officer Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel says: “Having completed the heavy process of getting Bearing reports out to almost 900 leaders across DFDS, we are now moving to the more exciting part of working with the results. If you are a manager, make sure to review your Bearing report thoroughly, discuss the report with your team and conclude with them on what works well, what can be improved and what follow-up actions are needed.”

It is crucial that all managers involve their team members in the evaluation process and invite the team to a follow-up session where the Bearing results are shared and discussed.

The team discussions and the completion of action plans should be finalised by the leaders no later than (and preferably before) 15 May. Each action plan is owned by the local manager and team, and local HR has access to support.

The overall results of DFDS are currently being analysed and will be communicated on the Bridge as soon as possible.

“I want to extend a big thank you to everyone in our organisation who has contributed to completing the survey. Bearing is an important tool, not only for the individual leader who gets structured feedback but also for DFDS to understand the current state of engagement and loyalty across businesses and locations,” Anne-Christine says.

Update on the process of transferring your anniversary shares

Those of you who were granted DFDS anniversary shares in 2016 will soon receive your shares.

You should all now have received an email with thorough information about what you need to do so that we can create a custody account for you or have your shares transferred to an already existing Danish custody account.

Please acquaint yourself with the action needed from your side and upload the required documents as described in the email as soon as possible.

Please note that for UK employees the process is not the same – UK employees shall not upload documents unless they have received an email specifically asking them to upload some documents.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Jens Jakob Hjorth-Hartmann
Head of HR Denmark

People Division sets strategic priorities

“The People Division’s new structure is based on the principle that there is no HR without business and business is better with great HR. Therefore, our future success will be achieved through a strong people-operating plan, trust and confidentiality, and care and responsibility,” says Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel, who today announced five priorities for the division and the above future headquarters organisation.

At a meeting today of the People Division’s headquarters staff, Chief People Officer Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel announced changes to the People Division’s way of thinking and operating in the future, starting with how HR works in the Headquarter.

“The People Division is an important enabler for the Win23 strategy. We must deliver on talent management, performance culture, agility and collaboration that are key drivers of Win23,” says Anne-Christine.

“However, a survey among the VPs and input from the EMT and other stakeholders have clearly revealed that we will not be able to deliver this on the basis of our current way of working. We have very competent people who have done a great job in HR. But in order to exploit our full potential and reach our Win23 goals, we need to work more strategically, be more visible and transparent on what our priorities and ambitions are, and we need to operate more effectively and efficiently – e.g. by simplifying and digitising s great deal of our work. Therefore, we need a strategic direction, clear priorities for the division and a new structure in Group HR that reflects our priorities.

“This corresponds with my own experience and knowledge of best practices. Therefore, we have set up five priorities to guide the work we do in the People Division.”


The five priorities
In the future, the People Division must deliver:

Strong HR Business Partnering to drive talent and workforce development through close collaboration with the business

Strong operational HR Execution to increase the value of HR operations through simplification, digitisation and scale in global processes

A talented and capable workforce with focus on capabilities and culture required for the future.

Continued implementation of our CSR strategy with focus on our environmental footprint and being a caring employer

Effective and efficient crewing to ensure a lean, business focused and engaging approach to seafarers across DFDS.


The new Group HR organisation
The new overall organisation shown above this article is built to reflect and deliver on the five strategic priorities of the division.

Headquarters HR will no longer exist in its current form. The changes will not cause any redundancies and there will be no changes to the regional organisations.

In the following, the new Group HR organisation is described in more detail.

HR business partnering 

With HR Business Partnering, the aim is to ensure that people processes are integrated in business and that Vice Presidents and local management have dedicated support.

For 2020, this includes creating and executing an operating plan for 2020 with yearly cycle processes and identifying development needs. Bearing is one of the tools in this. It also includes supporting leaders in identifying succession risks and driving a diversity and inclusion agenda.


Operational HR execution
The Operational HR execution organisation is to ensure that HR operations are scalable to the size and complexity of DFDS. It is also to simplify yearly cycle processes and consolidate them into a People Operating Plan, to automate and digitise processes and to ensure compliance through clear policies and legal support. This also includes ERP implementation and GDPR audits. The organisation is also responsible for facility management.

For 2020, this includes defining a road map for digitising and implementing HR processes, building a centre of excellence and expertise in HR operations as well as a global template for a People Operating Plan. It also includes optimising space at DFDS House and preparing for the new DFDS headquarters.


Talented and Capable Workforce
The Talented and Capable Workforce organisation will ensure that the workforce of DFDS is designed and has the capabilities to perform now and in the future; that every leader has a talent development mindset; and that training and development efforts are prioritised and focused for greatest impact.

For 2020, the first task will be to hire a new Head of Talent and Capability Development and with her or him develop a talent development strategy. It will also be to identify development needs for levels/parts of the organisation that are not covered by current training offerings, and to assess the value of our current training programmes and assessment tools.


HR Crewing, Danish flag
The HR Crewing of Danish flagged ships is to ensure an efficient and engaging crewing of capable crew members for ship operations and on-board sales and services.

For 2020, tasks will be to document crewing processes and principles to ensure transparency of the function, documentation and simplification of key processes and gradual transfer of knowledge to newcomers. It will also be to complete the Danish collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and support CBAs in other parts of our network.

Caring Employer and Environmental Footprint
The Caring Employer and Environmental Footprint organisation will implement DFDS’ CSR strategy by increasing awareness of CSR in decision-making across DFDS and promote the ‘Environmental Footprint’ and ‘Caring Employer’ agenda. They will also ensure compliance on CSR and climate-related regulation and drive diversity and inclusion initiatives.

For 2020, they will follow up on key CSR targets, make customer presentations and a CO2 calculator for our ships. The team will prepare the CSR report for DFDS.

With your support
“It will not be an easy task to implement this new structure, but with direction and priorities, I am confident that we will make significant progress in 2020. Our ambition is to understand and deliver what the business needs to achieve the ambitious goals of DFDS’ Win23 strategy and thereby create the growth that will continue to make DFDS prosperous. Further, our ambition is that DFDS develops into an even greater and more exciting place to work,” says Anne-Christine.

Bearing engagement survey now closed

The engagement survey “Bearing” is now closed and the total response rate ended at 83%, which surprisingly is exactly the same as in 2017.

We are extremely happy to see that so many took the time to fill out the questionnaire and tell us what you think of working at DFDS.

The response rate per division ended as follows:

– Corporate: 100%
– Finance: 98,8%
– Human Resources: 97,2%
– IT & Digital: 94,4%
– Ferry: 81,9%
– Logistics: 81,3%

On 3 January all managers will receive access to download their own Bearing reports which will be the foundation for your upcoming work to increase employee engagement.

Please do not hesitate to contact HR if you have any questions regarding the follow-up process.

Thank you all for taking part in making DFDS an even better place to work.

Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel
EVP Chief People Officer

Sweden: Colleagues from Logistics Division and Ferry Division attend career fair

From left Maria Clark, Martin Larsson, Fredrik Olofson and Peter Axelsson

Earlier this month, representatives from both Logistics Division and Ferry Division attended the career fair GADDEN at the Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law, to meet students and attract future talent to DFDS.

GADDEN is a two-day career fair with about 100 exhibiting companies and organisations, and with approximately 6,000 visitors. It is Scandinavia’s largest career fair for students within the fields of business, logistics, law and environmental science.

Maria Clark, HR Advisor, says: “We met a lot of logistics students, but also students within other areas, and this was a great opportunity for us to network with students and talk about what we do, and what opportunities there are within DFDS. We also received many questions about the DFDS trainee programme, which clearly shows that this is something that attracts future talent.”

“This is one of many steps for DFDS to become a more attractive and visible employer for future employees, and it is great fun and very enjoyable to go out and talk about our business together with colleagues from our different divisions. Together we represent One DFDS, and we are able to present the many opportunities that we have to offer.”

Åsa Borg and Sofia Thompson talking to some of the students


Fredrik Olofson, Jens Bårman, Åsa Borg and Sofia Thompson after successful participation at the career fair

Last chance to voice your opinion

As already communicated, this year’s engagement survey is well underway and many of you have already taken the time to voice your opinion – thank you for that!

The rest of you have not responded yet – which is why we want to remind you to do so. If you cannot locate the invitation, look for the second e-mail you received from Enalyzer on 19 November – and complete it before survey closing on 6 December.

If you have any questions regarding the survey, please direct them to

Thanks in advance for contributing to having a great place to work!

Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel
Chief People Officer and EVP, People Division.

Vacant positions at DFDS

As you know, we are on an exciting journey in DFDS to develop our businesses further, which puts a continuous demand for talented people to carry out our ambitious strategy. Luckily, besides having exciting jobs, DFDS is also a company packed with talents spanning across the entire organisation. We want to leverage the scale of our talents and ensure that we cover our internal options when looking to fill our positions.

Keep a look out for them on our website. There may be a good opportunity for you too.

Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel, Chief People Officer

Gemma Griffin attends the Merchant Navy Medal Award Ceremony

Gemma’s role on the day of the ceremony was to read out the citations for all the various different recipients as Her Royal Highness presented the medals

The Merchant Navy Medal Award Ceremony took place on Wednesday this week in the fabulous surroundings of Trinity House in London. Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal was in attendance to celebrate the men and women who have shown devotion to duty and exemplary service to the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets.

Gemma Griffin, Vice President, HR & Crewing, is a member of the Merchant Navy Medal Board who’s role is to evaluate the various nominations each year to decide if they are deemed worthy of the medal for meritorious service. Her role on the day of the ceremony was to read out the citations for all the various different recipients as Her Royal Highness presented the medals.

Gemma says: “It is such an honour and a privilege to be part of such a prestigious event. The range of reasons for awarding the medals this year were truly inspiring and range from amazing acts of bravery and courage to devoted service to the Merchant Navy. It was a fantastic afternoon and I am so proud to be involved and to be given the opportunity to spend time with so many inspirational maritime professionals.”

Reshuffle in Crewing Denmark

Kamilla Kammer Andersen to be new Crewing Director for Danish flagged ships from 15 November when Tom Møller steps down to become a senior advisor.


After managing the crewing department in Denmark for nearly 30 years, Crewing Director Tom Møller has decided to step down from his position for health reasons.

“Tom deserves a big thank you and our gratitude for his impressive achievements for DFDS as a Crewing Director over many years. Therefore, I am also very pleased that Tom has agreed to take up the role as senior advisor for crewing so we can continue to benefit from his huge network, knowledge of the crews, the collective bargaining system, the Danish International Register of Shipping (DIS) and – not least – his great collaboration with the unions,” says Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel, Chief People Officer.

Tom will report to Anne-Christine and will as a first assignment in his future role be assisting her with the collective bargaining process and negotiations in 2020 for a new collective agreement.


Kamilla Kammer Andersen new Crewing Director

New Crewing Director will be Kamilla Kammer Andersen who will take up her new role on 15 November. She will report to Anne-Christine.

Kamilla holds a Master of Science Degree in Business administration and Marketing from Aarhus School of Business from 2008. This included studies at University of Technology in Sydney.

Since 2009, she has been working on our cruise ferries, mainly on the Copenhagen-Oslo route where she worked her way up from her start as stewardess to becoming Commercial Head in 2017.

“Kamilla has been deeply involved in managing crews throughout her career, shown great leadership skills and has completed our talent development program Horizon. In addition to this, she really knows about life and work on board from her many years on board,” says Anne-Christine.

“Previous bearing results also document that she is good a creating good working environments for people. We could hardly have found a better candidate for the role. I congratulate her on her new responsibility and look very much forward to working with her on continuously improving our crewing of the Danish fleet and making work on board even more attractive so we can continue to draw the best people to our fleet.”

Recruitment drive at Truckfest

A team from HR was on the look-out for drivers and business partners at Truckfest in the UK.


Logistics needs great drivers. They are simply essential for our operations, the services we offer and our success. And drivers are not so easy to find anymore in many locations, so it takes a real effort to find the best drivers for DFDS.

For this purpose, the HR recruitment team from Logistics UK went to Truckfest 2019 at the Newark Showground, Nottinghamshire, in early October. Truckfest is Europe’s largest truck festival and attracts thousands of drivers, hauliers, businesses and spectators.

Janet Lainchbury, Recruitment Coordinator, says: “We were there for the first time, so we are very pleased that it went well. Speaking to drivers, prospective drivers, hauliers and businesses to let them know who DFDS is, and what we have to offer: we think it’s important to be visible and attractive to each group.

“The recruitment drive was focused on attracting new drivers to fill the shortages we have across our UK sites. We are now planning bigger and better for Truckfest 2020 in Peterborough. A big thank you to all who gave up part of their weekend to set up and help on the stand in what was not the best weather.”

A good-looking stand to draw in people – with shelter from the rain

150th anniversary shares programme: Ready to collect your identity documents

Jakob Hjorth-Hartmann, Head of HR Denmark, and Anneli Brandt, Jr HR Administrator

Some months ago we informed you about the approaching transfer of your shares – for those who were granted shares in 2016 – and asked you to prepare identity documents needed for the transfer.

Now HR are ready to receive your documents.

Jakob Hjorth-Hartmann, Head of HR Denmark, says: “We will begin with landbased employees presently employed in DFDS Denmark, who will soon receive an email with thorough information about the process of uploading their identity documents and a link to the system we use for secure document sharing. We hope it will all go smoothly and by starting with one country, we will discover any problem early on in the process and will have the opportunity to correct errors before rolling out to all the other countries. We expect to launch in all other countries during the next few weeks.”

Anneli Brandt, Jr HR Administrator, says: “Please be aware that the procedure varies according to whether you already have a Danish custody account for shares or not, and which country you live in, but everyone who was granted shares in 2016 must upload some documents for identification.”

“I also want to thank all the colleagues who helped us with valuable feedback on how best to help and inform all colleagues on board the ships and ashore, and I especially want to send warm thanks to the staff on board King Seaways, Princess Seaways and Britannia Seaways, who have supported me greatly and cordially welcomed me on board their ships.”

In a few months, when the identification process is over, we will provide further information about the transfer of your shares on the Bridge and on The transfer is expected to take place in late February or early March 2020.

In this video you can see an example of how to upload documents. Please note that the procedure and the documents needed vary from country to country.