Princess and King invite colleagues on a tour of the ship

When travelling with Princess Seaways and King Seaways on the Amsterdam – Newcastle route, colleagues can look forward to an invitation to a guided tour of the ship

Niels Ryslev, Commercial Head on Princess Seaways, came up with the idea. He says: “It’s always nice to have colleagues on board. Through this initiative, we wanted to ensure that our travelling colleagues have the best experience possible. During the summer many are travelling with their families, and visiting the bridge and other parts of the ferry can be quite interesting, especially for the kids. It’s also nice to get feedback from our colleagues on how we can ensure an even better experience for our guests.”

Janet Donaldson, Sales & Project Manager, went on the tour on board Princess and says: “We started our comprehensive tour of the bridge where I was given lots of information on the instruments, conditions at sea, weather and current forecasting tools and impacts of delayed departures on fuel costs etc. The tour also included behind-the-scenes areas which were fascinating to see, including crew mess, leisure areas and bakery. We also visited the main galley, bar areas, dog hotel and the brig (jail).

“It was so informative in terms of getting insight into how our colleagues work at sea. A huge thank you to Princess Seaways for a great initiative and such a warm welcome on board.”

The warm welcome message waiting for our colleagues in the cabins on board Princess and King

August 2, 2019