Passenger Marketing celebrate a year with Iterable

Retention Marketing team, from left (back) Jette Vestergaard, Sylvia Fabries, Dean Carroll, Sandra Nota, Linn Fjerdingby, Sue Boffey, Vincent Bakker, (front) Gintare Maroziene, Angela Fixter

One of the roles of BU Short Routes & Passenger’s Marketing team is to attract new customers to DFDS, but perhaps more important, it is to develop and nurture the customers we already have. This is the job of the Retention Marketing team, a global team within Passenger Marketing who look after a customer base of approximately 600,000 emailable customers or prospective customers across the Baltics, Nordics, UK and Continental territories. The email platform used to communicate with these customers is Iterable.

Passenger Marketing celebrated a year working with Iterable on 27 August 2019. Iterable is a cloud based platform that allows the team to build target groups instantly, it also has greater flexibility to bolt on and link to other software, the capacity to handle large scale mailings and create workflows to build automated customer journeys.

In the last 12 months Retention Marketing have sent 980 tactical campaigns, set up automated emails such as the booking confirmation, pretravel emails and welcome cycle emails, created workflows and added app notification templates in readiness for the new app launch. To date the Retention Marketing team have sent 20.9million emails to customers in multiple languages to multiple segments and personas.

Sandra Nota who leads the team of Retention specialists says: “The team really embraced the new software and it gave them a real opportunity to share learnings and use best practice after the passenger restructure. Since the launch the team have been busy creating a wide range of automated and tactical emails. This anniversary is a real milestone for us, it has shown how far we have come and with the help of Digital and CEM (Customer Experience Management) teams, where we want to go with it”.

The implementation has caught the eye of the team at Iterable who have asked Angela Fixter, Head of Retention Marketing, to present DFDS’s Iterable journey at their forthcoming Activate 2019 conference in October.

Iterable join Retention Marketing, CEM and Digital for training in July 2018
From left: Annemieke Lack, Gintare Maroziene, Sue Boffey, Linn Fjerdingby, Keegan Hinson, Dean Carroll, Daniel Lazarovici, Jo Robertson, Sandra Nota, Sylvia Fabries, Angela Fixter, Vincent Bakker, Pia Poulsen, Birgitte Buchhave, Christina Veerman, Robert Vo.

Example workflow

September 3, 2019