New Passenger Global Sales & Contact Centre structure: From local to global

Casper Puggaard introduces a new passenger Global Sales & Customer Care organisation from 1 January. It will be structured in functions rather than regions.


In October 2017, DFDS transformed our Passenger organisation from a country-based model into a global functional one.

There have been many changes in the organisation during the past two years, and recently, Casper Puggaard, Global Sales & Service Director, has been very close to the business and the organisation, including taking direct interim responsibility for the Travel Trade team in addition to his direct responsibility of our six Passenger Contact Centres.

“We have learned a lot in this process, and now we are ready to build on the foundation and experience we have gained and transform our Global Sales and Contact Centre organisation into a functional set-up. In this way we can build specialised teams, which isn’t possible to the same extent in a country-based model where e.g. standardising processes and sharing best practices have proven to be a challenge. A higher level of expertise has become increasingly important in a more complex and digital world,” says Casper.

With this transformation, Contact Centre will be renamed to Customer Care.

“Going functional will also enable us to better standardise, automate and digitise processes so we can free up resources for high-value work that brings the most value for our customers and DFDS. This will ultimately result in better and more efficient deliveries and services to our customers”.

The new Global Sales and Customer Care organisation will be managed by Casper Puggaard, Director.

There will be no regional Heads of in the Customer Care organisation – except in Dieppe where Isabelle Monnoye will continue as leader. Instead there will be three new global functional ‘homes’:

  • Customer Interaction, led by Thomas Møller
  • Customer Care Experience, led by Viktorija Kaminskiene
  • Customer Relations and Support, led by Lynsey Chappell

Paula Nelis, currently Head of Contact Center NL, will move on to a new role as Business Process Developer in Passenger Business Development & Strategy on 1 January 2020.

In Sales, there will also be three ‘functional homes’, whereas two will be new:

  • Partnerships, led by Catharina Hallberg (same as today)
  • Sales Operations, Head of to be recruited
  • Field Sales, Head of to be recruited

Both vacant positions will be advertised on The Bridge as soon as possible and internal candidates are more than welcome to apply.

In Passenger we are developing more agile ways of working in cross-functional teams, so the new global functional structure will strengthen the collaboration between Passenger Sales & Customer Care, routes and other commercial functions.

Jessica Löhr from Passenger Business Development & Strategy is supporting me in the transformation project together with HR.

“I am confident that this transformation will support us in serving our customers in the best possible way and thereby enable us to reach our Win23-targets. Last but not least, it will make Passenger Global Sales & Customer Care an even more exciting place to work with new and great career opportunities,” says Casper.

Gemma Griffin, VP of HR and Crewing, Short routes and Passenger; adds: “I am so excited to be part of the transformation of the Global Sales and Customer Care organisation. Helping people to grow and develop is at the heart of what HR do. So on that basis the BU’s HR team are looking forward to supporting all our colleagues throughout this journey. Please don’t forget if you have any questions related to this process you can ask them on #E121 and we will come back to you with the answers!”

October 10, 2019