Impressive December on Eastern Channel routes

As some of you know, our Eastern Channel routes had a challenging 2019 due to uncertainty about Brexit and lower PAX volumes from online travel agents. They represent a significant customer segment for these routes. However, there are also some encouraging developments to report about as the year ended with a December that had the best revenue on record.

Claire Hosking, Head of Channel, says: “Despite a smaller market size, we grew both market share and revenue considerably for December. This fantastic result is in no small part due to an impressive yield. The yields we have seen are connected to higher pricing in the market, particularly over the peak weekends where pricing was at levels we have not seen before for the Christmas break.”

Lucas Kragh, Yield & Revenue Management Director, says: “The positive December has many contributing factors. One is the strong collaboration across the whole Passenger business but it is also important to highlight our ability to respond faster with more accurate prices due to our bespoke pricing models and forecasting tools. This, combined with a successful organisational transformation of Revenue Management, has been a very potent cocktail, not only for our Eastern Channel routes but also for the other passenger routes.”

February 7, 2020