Great visit to Dover

On board Dunkerque Seaways, Torben Carlsen visited the new coffee shop where he met some of the fantastic crew members who always offer fantastic service: With Torben in the front, from left: Viktorija Iljina and Olivia Moroney, and in the background Steve Newbery and Gary Hardwick, on-board services.


Earlier this week I went to see our colleagues in Dover which was highly energizing through meetings with various departments and a tour onboard Dunkerque Seaways.

On board Dunkerque Seaways, I experienced at first hand the new coffee shop concept where I met Viktorija Iljina and Olivia Moroney, enthusiastic crew members securing its success. Afterwards at the office, I was encouraged by our freight performance on the Channel by Wayne Bullen and his team, and I was blown away by the enthusiasm of Cheryl Hawes and her super skilled customer service team – to name but a few of the many talented and committed people I met. My visit also included meetings with Kasper Moos, Jesper Christensen, Chris Parker, Steve Newbury and Andrew Meek before finishing the visit with a town hall meeting where I was overwhelmed by the energy and support from the whole Dover office and their commitment to the success of DFDS.

Torben Carlsen, CEO

Torben Carlsen’s view of Dover when he left Dunkerque Seaways and took this picture of Channel head Kasper Moos, Steve Newbery and Gary Hardwick walking down the ramp.

Torben also met and was deeply impressed with Cheryl Hawes and her talented freight customer service team.

September 13, 2019