Brexit: Duty Free is back

From 1 January 2021, Duty Free is back onboard our ships between the UK and the EU.

The last time we had Duty Free on our UK routes was in 1999 when it was decided that Duty Free shopping for passengers travelling between two EU countries would come to an end. Now the UK will no longer be an EU country, and Duty Free will once again be available onboard our routes Newcastle – Amsterdam, Dover – Calais, Dover – Dunkirk and Newhaven – Dieppe.

Tax free shopping will be available on products in our onboard shops including perfume, cosmetics, alcohol, tobacco and technology.

Kasper Moos, Vice President and Head of Passenger, says: “We are very pleased to be able to offer duty free shopping to our passengers travelling to or from the UK. It will make the experience of sailing with us even better – we don’t expect people to travel with the main purpose of shopping tax free, but it will contribute to an even better total travel experience.

Once the corona crisis is over, we anticipate an increase of revenues in the shops due to the tax free sale, and we look very much forward to refining this area.”

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December 28, 2020