DFDS Norway wins travel award

Acclaim for our passenger business with award for ‘Best Ferry Company with Traffic to Norway’


Big congratulations are in order to our Norwegian passenger business, which has just added an award to its collection.

The Norwegian Grand Travel Awards were given out late last week, and DFDS Norway took home the honour of winning the category ‘Best Ferry Company with Traffic to Norway’.

Kim Heiberg, Cruise Route Director, says: “I am equally humble and proud on behalf of DFDS Norway as they receive this much-deserved award. Playing into this, I am sure, is that our latest reporting figures for guest satisfaction are at the highest level ever.”

“A huge thanks to our Norwegian team, Global Sales and Business Sales, and everyone who has contributed to the travel agencies in Norway in selecting DFDS to win this category. Excellent work by all,” says Kim.

January 31, 2020