DFDS donates food from Pearl and Crown

With the Copenhagen – Oslo route temporarily suspended, Pearl Seaways and Crown Seaways are now sitting empty at the terminal in Copenhagen. No ongoing ferry services unfortunately mean no guests to serve and as a result, no meals to prepare. Both ferries had a large volume of food on board that would not be used. Some of the food was due to expire within the coming weeks and throwing it away was naturally not an option. So, some of our colleagues in Copenhagen acted quickly and found an opportunity to make something good out of a bad situation. 

Stine Rysgaard Jensen, Content & Brand Specialist, says: “We contacted a local youth shelter, RG60, and ‘Fødevarebanken’, a Danish organisation that fights against food waste and helps distribute meals to socially vulnerable people. Both organisations were very happy to receive the food, as this will serve meals for the people who need a helping hand. The food was arranged to be picked up from the ships, and is now on its way to help people in these difficult times. A big thank you to the crews on board Pearl and Crown together with others involved for their contribution and work to make this a reality”.

March 26, 2020