Crown Seaways ready for shore power

Crown Seaways at Fayard Shipyard. Photo taken by Peter Therkildsen

The Copenhagen – Oslo route has just taken another step towards a more sustainable power supply when in port.

Throughout January, Crown Seaways was on an extended New Year break as she was drydocked at the Fayard Shipyard in Denmark. The dry docking was in line with planned maintenance and a major refurbishment investment to improve Crown’s facilities. This included updating the restaurants and bars, public areas and cabins with a fresh, new look. As planned, Crown also had the fittings installed to enable the ship to receive power from shore.

Kim Heiberg, Route Director, says: “Crown Seaways is now ready to connect to the shore-power facilities in Oslo and shut down the auxiliary engines while in port as soon as the connections are made to the ship. Pearl Seaways was fitted out for this in January 2019, and is already receiving shore power in Oslo.

“I am also pleased about the agreement we signed with Copenhagen Malmö Port in October, according to which they will establish shore-power connections in Copenhagen. Construction is scheduled to start in 2020. When this is ready, both ships will receive power from shore in both ports.

“We get daily questions from our passengers about what we are doing for the environment, and now we show in a very visible way that we care and do something about it. It has also been a wish among our neighbours in Copenhagen for a long time.”

January 31, 2020