Business case match-making in Utrecht

Dutch University collaboration: DFDS pitches business cases at match-making event in Data-Driven Entrepreneurship. With Attila Gulyas on the left, students in the middle, and Declan Walsh on the right.


Declan Walsh and Attila Gulyas recently visited Utrecht University School of Economics in the Netherlands to reach out to the students and attract new talent.

Declan, Business Development & Strategy Director & DIO, did a pitch for students on the Data-Driven Entrepreneurship programme, with two teams of students taking on DFDS business hypotheses.

This collaboration was initiated by Attila, Business Process Developer in Fulfilment Ferry Division, who took a similar course at the same faculty.

One team made a very interesting business case with the topic ‘Ferry as a Hotel’, about making a comfortable and sustainable offer for Ferry customers.

On 15 January, the pair then attended a presentation of the work accomplished by the teams and awarded them vouchers for an Amsterdam – Newcastle mini-cruise.

Declan says: “In late January, the students submitted their final work, concluding this very positive collaboration. The match-making element also paid off, as two of the eight students have since been in touch with us about pursuing careers at DFDS after they graduate this summer.”

February 7, 2020