Becoming data driven with Google

To catch the attention of customers, you must be personal, precise and strategic in your marketing efforts. An enormous amount of data is available, however, using it efficiently is key to successful marketing.

Last Tuesday, the Passenger Marketing team welcomed Google to Newcastle for a workshop dedicated to becoming more proficient regarding the collected data and to help build a truly customer-centric approach to our initiatives and activities. Other topics included future thinking across the travel and digital landscapes, a look into innovative technology, and how being fully connected impacts the travel industry.

Sophie Hoult, Head of Acquisition Marketing, says: ”We want to place our customers and data at the heart of our decision making. In order to do so, one of Google’s Senior Analytical Consultants explored the data collected by the Passenger Marketing team and gave an insight into the exact audiences and how to place each key audience at the centre of a personalised communication flow. This enables us to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.”

Over the next 12 months, various specialists from Google will return for a series of mini workshops. They aim to improve our creative activities, the customer experience and the utilisation of data in DFDS’ future marketing efforts. These workshops will also support our Win23 strategy.

Pete Akerman, Passenger Marketing Director, said: “It was a pleasure to welcome colleagues from Google’s European HQ, and we are very excited about the results of the first workshop. Our global passenger approach and partnership with Google allow us to access a greater level of travel insight and emerging technologies, which improves our efficiency and marketing performance when targeting relevant audiences. We are looking forward to the many following workshops.”

February 27, 2020