TURDEF visits BU Med

From the left: Capt. Uğur Demir, Crewing Superintendent; Erkan Dereli, Chairman of TURDEF; Lars Hoffmann, Head of BU Med; Capt. Bengi Şan, Capt. Cengiz Karabiber and Capt. Koray Karagöz, Executive Board Members of TURDEF

In late November, Erkan Dereli, Chairman of the Turkish Maritime Association (TURDEF), and executive board members visited DFDS’ office in Istanbul to convey their support to BU Med for the increasing number of female officers on board.

Erkan Dereli and the board members were informed about the DFDS diversity policies and initiatives by Lars Hoffmann, Head of BU Mediterranean, and Uğur Demir, Crewing Superintendent.

BU Med is currently focusing on increasing the number of female seafarers on board the vessels.

Crewing Superintendent Uğur Demir says: “Superintendents and HR colleagues from BU Med have joined many career days to answer questions about careers at DFDS and tell stories about female seafarers working at BU Med. Şima Demir is one of them, and she became the first female master at DFDS. This has already inspired and encouraged future seafarers to start their own careers with DFDS.”

These initiatives and other gender policies have made DFDS the leading maritime company in Turkey regarding gender diversity.

Uğur Demir continues: “It’s been a pleasure for us to meet associations and people who are willing to improve equality and support women in the maritime industry. It is great to see that our initiatives make a great impact.”

December 12, 2019