Promotions in BU Med

Malte Lühnen and Jimmy Marolle

New Operations Manager for France route
Malte Lühnen, currently working in BU Baltic as Bookings Manager, will move from Klaipėda to İstanbul for a new position as Operations Manager. He will take up his new role on 2 March and will report to Ayberk Eskin, Route Director France.

Malte will be working on operations management for France and Phoenix integration.

Ayberk Eskin, Route Director France, says: “I’m excited that Malte will join my team. With his experience and know-how, he will provide a great contribution, especially in the solution to the operational problems we have experienced in Sète and in the transition to Phoenix and MyFreight.”

Aleksej Slipenciuk, Route Director & Agency Director, says: “I know Malte from my time in Klaipėda, where he lifted routing booking to the art of yield management. We will miss him, however I’m sure that he will contribute much more in BU Med and that step is best both for DFDS and Malte’s personal development. I wish him good luck with his new tasks.”

Lars Hoffmann, VP and Head of BU Med, says: “I look forward to having Malte in BU Med, as I know his capabilities from my previous work in BU Baltic. Malte and Caris Petersen will run our France and Italy routes in close cooperation, as they previous did on the Kiel – Klaipėda route. I am sure they will be a great benefit, as we will start integrating Phoenix and the DFDS Way of working. A special thanks to my colleagues in BU Baltic, especially Anders Refsgaard, Vice President and Head of BU Baltic, for accepting two colleagues to Istanbul from BU Baltic.”

Jimmy Marolle, new Agency Director of France
Furthermore, Jimmy Marolle is promoted to Agency Director, France, within BU Med and covering both our locations in Marseille and Sète.

He will also continue to act as Route Director for Marseille – Tunisia and report to Lars Hoffmann, VP and Head of BU Med.

Jimmy has been working at DFDS since 2012. He is an ex-employee of LD Lines (ferry section of Louis Dreyfus Armateurs) and used to be based in Paris. He moved to Marseille where he established the Marseille office in 2014 and the Sète office in July 2019.

“I am so happy to be part of this exciting new challenge and to contribute to the continuous development of DFDS in southern France,” says Jimmy.

Lars Hoffmann, Head of BU Med, says: “Jimmy has for many years been responsible for Marseille – Tunisia. He transferred to BU Med when we acquired UN RoRo in 2018, and during 2019 we decided to add Sète, which came under the management of Jimmy.

We have now closed down Toulon and terminated our external agency agreement. Jimmy has established a new team in Sète and he is now in charge of all BU Med activities in France. He has been with DFDS for many years, shown his capability to maintain and develop our activities in southern France, especially during our challenging times in Sète. I am glad we have Jimmy and his team in Sète. They make a difference to BU Med, and it is therefore also a pleasure for me that Jimmy gets this promotion.”

January 31, 2020