Passenger kicks off Win23 Pillar D implementation

Kim Heiberg, Route Director, Copenhagen-Oslo, sharing some insights about current performance at the kick-off in Oslo


Kasper Moos and his team in BU Short Routes & Passenger have been busy working on how the Passenger organisation can best work together to deliver great results for DFDS and implement their Pillar D Win23 strategy of creating more value for our passengers.

“It was fantastic that Torben Carlsen was able to headline growth in Passenger earnings in the Q2 Quarterly Report, it is a real testament to the great work being done on our vessels, at our ports, and in the agency,” says Kasper Moos, Head of the BU.

But we can’t stand still. Torben has given Pillar D very ambitious Win23 targets and we are confident we can at least deliver his minimum expectations from projects already underway such as Tour Operator, Optimisation of Revenue Management and Onboard Spend Development. But we want to exceed expectations,” says Kasper.

Passenger Win23 was kicked-off in Oslo harbour onboard Pearl on Wednesday 11 September, with a second kick-off in Copenhagen the following day, and kick-offs in Newcastle & IJmuiden this week.

More focus on value

“To reach our Win23 targets we will have to optimise the propositions we are offering our customers, deliver more value to them, and get more value back in return,” says Casper Puggaard, Sales & Service Director.

“A shift from volume focus to value focus will be crucial to future success on some routes,” adds Lucas Kragh, Yield & Revenue Director.

Pete Akerman, Marketing Director, responding to a question from the floor at the kick-off in Newcastle

The kick-offs in Newcastle and IJmuiden included some more details on the new Amsterdam-Newcastle tonnage with Teun-Wim Leene giving the teams some insights into how these new vessels will impact the route, the propositions we can deliver to our guests, and the projected financial impacts from this in Win23.

Teun-Wim Leene gave the teams some insights into how these new vessels will impact the route

Chris Parker, Performance Director, and Steve Newbury, Onboard Services Director, joined the kick-offs in Newcastle and IJmuiden and will be taking Passenger Win23 to colleagues on the Eastern Channel in the weeks to come.

Passenger Win23 includes a number of Development Objectives that will impact all routes that have passenger activities, with Baltic Routes & Dieppe-Newhaven yet to come. All staff in passenger will be invited to a global kick-off via Skype in early October.

For further information about Passenger Win23 please contact Declan Walsh, Business Development & Strategy Director.

September 20, 2019