New rail system in BU Med

You might have noticed that use of rail services as part of freight transport chain  intermodal transportation  is developing throughout DFDS. The Intermodal Department and Trieste terminal are well versed in this practice and are currently running about 56 round trips per week to many European destinations. 

To improve the shift from road to rail and ferry, BU Med has successfully implemented a new system called r2L-traileruse. It is devised by transport and logistics company and important customer for BU Med, VegaBefore going into what the new system can do, here is some context. 

Normally, only semitrailers that can be lifted by crane can be loaded onto trainswith a few exceptions. To overcome this, we use systems that use special equipment at the terminal and on the wagons. They ensure the loading of units which, due to their technical characteristics, cannot be loaded in the traditional way. 

Unfortunately, some units were still not compatible with our previous system, Nikrasa. This meant that some of our customers had to find other solutions to reach their desired destination. 

At the Logistics & Transportation Trade Show in Munich, Transport Logistics 2019, I was one of the first to be informed by VEGA about a new system that was being developed for units that could not be lifted by crane. 

New system, new benefits
It’s now a great pleasure to announce that, on 13 October 2020, the first Vega r2L-traileruse adapter was used on the Trieste – Bettembourg train. This allowed DFDS to load a FullSped frigo trailer that previously was unable to be loaded onto the train with the Nikrasa system. 

But these are not the only advantages of the new r2L-trailerus system from VEGAOther advantages: 

  • It is usable on DFDS current wagon sets. 
  • No extra equipment necessary in terminals. 
  • A wider range of units can be loaded onto the train other than by crane, for example glass trailers osilo trailers (pictured below). 
  • From mid-November 2020 it will also be possible to carry short silo trailers. 

The change of equipment is already complete, and we are offering six slots for trailers that cannot be lifted by crane for every Trieste – Bettembourg – Trieste train. 

Our intention is to offer this service on the Trieste – Cologne line in 2021. 

We are looking forward to welcoming back old customers who we were not able to satisfy and obviously new ones! 

Fuat Pamukcu, Vice President, BU Med Sales, says: “I look forward to developing more innovative intermodal solutions together with our new intermodal competence centre. 


November 2, 2020